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Best Yogurt Maker & More…| Set of 2 (1/2 gallon each)


Shipment Includes:
2 x MEC 100% Pure-Clay 2.5 Quart|10 Cups (2.36 Litres) Pot w/ Lid

Use and Care Instructions

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Both pots together make more than 1 Gallon of Yogurt. Makes Thick and Creamy Yogurt, NATURALLY! No need for ANY additives or thickeners or straining, the pot does the job for you. Can be used to make excellent vegan (coconut, almond milk) yogurt too.

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Why A Clay Pot is Best For Making Yogurt

Ask the natives and they’ll tell you the secret to making yogurt is in the pot. When making in an unglazed, pure-clay pot,  the micro-pores of the clay let water slowly evaporate, thickening yogurt naturally without having to strain it or add thickeners.  In this natural process, only water is lost not essential nutrients and liquid probiotics.  It’s extremely easy to make yogurt in your MEC pots, [click here for detailed instructions — making your best homemade yogurt]

100% Non-Toxic:

NO Additives, Extenders, Dyes, Plasticizers or chemicals used. No glaze used so no toxins there as well. Each piece is individually handcrafted & hand finished.

Naturally Steam Condensing/Preserving:

Unlike traditional metal pressure cookers, the steam condenses naturally because of a cool underside of the lid. Thus the nutritional value of food improves greatly. No more harsh heat from metals and ceramics that destroys nutrients, the pot cares for your food as much as you do.

Increase temperature from low to medium in 5 minutes and cook on medium heat. Maximum heat setting on stove-top is medium heat (5 or 6 on a scale of 1-10).

Making Yogurt at Home in 3 Easy Steps:

  • Heat milk in the pot for about 30 minutes till it forms tiny bubbles on the surface (about 160 degrees F, 85 C). Turn stove off and let it cool down.
  • Leave the lid open and test after 30 to 40 minutes by holding little finger (“pinky”) in for 5 seconds. If you can hold it there for 5 seconds, milk is of the right temperature (about 110 degrees F or 43 in C) to accept the culture. Add culture and stir in.
  • Close the lid and set the pot with the milk/yogurt mixture in the oven with the oven light on.

After about 6-8 hours or overnight, take it out & leave it to sit outside for 30 mins.  Now put in the refrigerator for an hour or so.

Enjoy your delicious, thick and creamy yogurt!

How to Make Thick, Healthy (no additives) Home Made Yogurt.

Did you know? 

Yogurt that stays in a pure-clay pot for 1-2 days (seasoned yogurt) becomes thick enough to make healthy icing for cakes.

Yogurt makes a fantastic replacement for butter and other fats when baking!

Must use with diffuser on electric stovetops.

Tested & Certified 100% Pure-Clay. No Lead, Cadmium other Metals or Toxins.






USES: Dutch Oven, Yogurt Making, Rice cookerPressure Cooking, Slow Cooking, Baking & more…

MEC Clay Cookware Seasoning, Cooking and Care Instructions

Healthy Clay Pot Recipes


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In Indian cooking, my grandmother used to cook and keep yogurt in clay pots. It was very nutritious and beneficial to health. Great products.

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I own a small cafe on an island off the outer banks. Last year I decided to open a shop and make homemade greek yogurt. I did a lot of research on the best way to make my yogurt and what method would deliver the best results. Utilizing clay pots was a suggestion I wanted to pursue so I looked for a source to procure them. I found Miriam and ordered a few to test them. I am a believer! Not only are these pots beautifully made and sturdy but they produce the most delicious yogurt! I am starting the process of opening my shop a few evenings a week for a two dish menu. My menu each week will be a small selection of savory dishes made in my clay pots. A month after receiving my initial order, I placed another much larger order since my demand is continuing to increase I'm so excited and it's such a unique style of creating amazing dishes. Thank you!

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Best Yogurt Maker & More...| Set of 2 (1/2 gallon each)
Miriam's Earthen Cookware
The Walls Of An Unglazed Pure-Clay Pot Breaths Out Excess Moisture From The Yogurt Making It Thick Naturally. Ask Someone Who Has Enjoyed The Taste Of Yogurt Made In Clay And They'll Tell You There's No Better Tasting Yogurt - Thick, Creamy & Perfectly Delicious!
Clay Cookware
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