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MEC Large Pan 2.5 Qt|10 cups w/ Lid (2.36 L)


Shipment Includes:
1 x MEC 100% Pure-Clay 2.5 Quart|10 cups (2.36 litres) Pan with Lid: 11″ x 6.5″ (H)*, 6 lbs with lid, 3.75 lbs w/o lid

Seasoning, Cooking & Care Instruction

Height is including the lid.

2.36 Liter Capacity

After thorough research for the best design for pans, this one turned out to be the winner! The spiraling lid (as opposed to the conventional short lids for pans) and our steam-locker design holds steam inside better than any other cookware material, locking all essential nutrients & flavor inside.

  • Large size lets you cook for 4-7 people.
  • Terra-sigillata finish without the use of chemical glaze gives it a unique, soft sheen.
  • Can be used to cook all kinds of exotic clay pot cuisine from around the world and every day recipes in a healthy and more nutritious way.

“…When you cook in these pans expect your vegetables to turn out crispy and deep with Taste. Meats turn out Tender & Juicy. And they’re guaranteed to be lead and cadmium and chemical free — its very hard to find a product like this.”

Ron Adan, Toronto CAN

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The composition of clay (pure without any additives) & the unglazed, hand burnished finish make it similar to the authentic tagines first made before glazed ceramics, while the design and functionality give it a modern twist!

Non-reactive cooking pans that cook your food deliciously and nutritiously with Far infrared heat.

Both the lid w/ knob and the pot w/ handles are entirely thrown on a high spinning wheel (not pressed or poured). This makes the clay platelet interlock with each other making the finished product more durable and long lasting.

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MEC Pan/Tagine
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Most Conventional Pans Leach Several Heavy Metals Or Chemicals Because Of The Non-Stick Coating, But Pans Made From Pure Clay And Which Are Unglazed Are The Best & Healthiest Choice Because They Are Naturally Non-Stick And 100% Inert.
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