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MEC Set of 3 Combo | Small


1 MEC 100% Pure-Clay 1.75 Quart | 7 cups Pot w/ Lid (1.66 liters)
1 MEC 100% Pure-Clay 2.5 Quart | 10 cups Pot w/ Lid (2.36 liters)
1 MEC 100% Pure-Clay 1.5 Quart | 6 cups Pan w/ lid (1.4 liters)
Seasoning, Cooking & Care instructions.
  • 100% Non-Toxic, Green & Healthy Cookware Set
  • Made USA
  • Naturally steam condensing lids — lock steam and seal nutrients & flavor inside.
  • Unique Far-infrared heat gently cooks your food without losing nutrients.
  • Unglazed. Finished using very fine particles of clay. Hand burnished.
  • Multi-cooking. Make soups, stews, rice, yogurt, curies, sautés and MORE…
  • Stove-Top (w/ diffuser on electric) & Oven use.

“…I think it’s the best spent money. They cook my food deliciously and to know that all the nutrients are intact, and no metals in my food –that’s invaluable.

–Ron Morel, FL USA

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Set of 3 MEC cooking pots for use on the Stove top and Oven. Use these extremely healthy clay pots & pans to cook many different kinds of dishes, from rice to pastas to sauteing vegetable, making curries, soups & your favorite chili. Must use with diffuser on electric, glass and ceramic cook tops.

Cook 100% Healthy, Non-toxic food for you and your family with these beautiful unglazed clay pots.

All our products are Hand Made in the USA, with all raw materials from within the USA. The clay used to make our cookware is guaranteed to have NO lead or cadmium or any other toxins

Can also be used on solid fuel cooking surfaces like wood and coal on low flame or fire/heat.

Use & Care: Stove top and Oven safe. Refrigerator safe. Hand wash only. With non-toxic soap or baking soda.

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MEC Set of 3 Combo | Small
Miriam's Earthen Cookware
For The Stove Top And In The Oven. Made From The Purest & Safest Raw Material, These Pots Make One Of The Best Cookware Sets In The Market Today. Use These Extremely Healthy Pots & Pans To Cook Many Different Kinds Of Dishes, From Rice To Pastas To Sautéing Vegetable, Curries, Soups & Your Favorite Chili.
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