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MEC Water Jar – 1.5gal | 24c | 5.67l


Shipment Includes: 1x MEC 100% Non-Toxic & Healthy Water Jar w/Lid

Uses: Water storing, cooling, structuring, & purifying vessel

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Use and Care Instructions

*If Heating Water In The Jar, You Can Use It On The Following Heat Sources: Gas & Open Flame



HEIGHT: 10″ (including lid), 7″ (without lid)

WEIGHT: 12.25 lbs. with lid, 9 lbs. without lid

CAPACITY: 6 Qts. | 24 Cups | 5.67 Litres







Have you been looking for an all-natural water jar for storing, cooling and purifying water? Your search can end here! MEC is introducing our next newest product: 

The Most Simple, Most Time-Tested and No-Tech way to Cool and Purify your Water!

Just add water to your jar and enjoy delicious, sweet, and pure water. Water is ready for consumption in 30 minutes of adding to jar.

This stunning looking pot is not only a beauty to the eyes but is also nature’s best home water cooling and filtration system!

The MEC Difference:

Made from 100% Non-Toxic, Healthy & Green Raw Material – Guaranteed. Hand made and Hand finished in the USA, no glaze, no transparent glaze used either (no iron oxide coating).

Traditional clay water storage jars have a bottleneck design that makes cleaning difficult. So, MEC opted to keep the coveted “egg” shape (its benefits are explained below), but with a wide mouth for easy & simple cleaning and serving! Also, with our design, the pot comes with a vented stand incorporated into the design of the jar, so you can safely place your jar on the counters, on a stand, or even simply on the floor.

Unlike any other water jar in the world, MEC’s water jars can uniquely be used to heat water for sanitization, if needed. Use on gas or open flame to boil water.

How Does the MEC water Jar Naturally Cool, Purify, Alkalize and Possibly Energize the Water?

From time unknown and all over the world, water has been cooled, purified, and energized in clay. It is the oldest and most time-tested, time-honored way of doing this, here are some reasons why and how this is possible:

Naturally Purifying water MEC Clay Water Jars
Naturally Purifying MEC Clay Water Jar

Cooling & purifying by evaporation: Just as the body perspires to cool down and remove toxins, these pots cool down the temperature of the water and purify it by letting some water evaporate through its semi-porous walls. The impurities are drawn out through the pores to the outside of the pot (where they can be washed off). Clay consists of positively charged ions and since toxins are negatively charged, they are extracted from the water and pushed out through this “sweating” process. This process of purification is known to reduce chlorides, nitrates, Ammonia and Arsenic (See reference 1,2,3).

Reference: 1., 2., 3.

The unique shape of the pot that resembles a giant egg keeps the water in constant motion: Just as heat rises, the warmer water from the bottom rises to the top, and the egg shape easily aids this movement. Gravity brings it back as the clay cools it down at its widest point at the top, and the cycle is repeated keeping the water in gradual, constant circulation. This process helps to thoroughly purify the water. The constant movement of water in this circular motion is believed to improve the structure and energy of the water too — just like moving water that is energized as it flows through landforms – like natural springs.

MEC clay is alkaline, and much of the water today is on the acidic side, Becuase of its alkaline nature storing water in these kind of pots is known to neutralize it, making it so much better for us.  No wonder anyone who has experienced water from MEC pots will testify to the “sweet” flavor of water from it.

MEC uses the highest quality primary clay known to have anti-bacterial properties, so our products are naturally anti-bacterial.

How to Season?

MEC Water Jars -- Nature's best water cooling and purification system

Seasoning Your Water Jar: Wet and rinse the pot out thoroughly (inside, outside, and lid). Then fill it halfway up with water & store — you may want to leave a towel to collect the dripping water in the bottom. Pour that water out after one day, or the following morning. The next day you can fill your now seasoned jar with fresh water. Your water will be ready for consumption in 30 minutes, or once you see droplets forming uniformly on the lower bottom of the pot (as shown in the picture above).

If placing your jar on the counter, depending on the impurities in the water, you may see a good amount of dripping — place a plate or vessel underneath to collect that water. If you can get a plant stand at any local home improvement store, you can place your pot on the stand and the elevation will help the water collecting on the outside to evaporate as opposed to dripping down. If you water is clean you may not experience a lot of dripping.

How to Clean?

After 3-4 uses (again depending on the water quality) you can clean the outside by scrubbing with a brush and baking soda or non-toxic soap. The inside is self-cleaning so no need to scrub on the inside — just pour some water, swoosh it around, and pour it out to clean the inside.

MEC Water Jar Natural PurificationHow to Serve? Serve water with a cup ladle, or a US measuring cup, or even by dipping your cup into the pot. If using a cup ladle or US measuring cup, you can leave it inverted over the knob of the lid for use anytime.

If you live in a hard water area, you will see white deposits on the outside of your water jar. This is normal and does not affect the functionality of your jar.

Why Doesn’t It Have a Spigot? 

The reasons we did not include a spigot are because 1. Spigots could break and/or start leaking over time, especially containing water that is in movement. 2. The rubber washers and the metal could collect dirt, is hard to clean, and could grow mildew over time with the collection of toxins on the outside (bacteria – mildew grows to break down elements in nature). 3. The interruption to the egg shape would interfere with the natural properties of cooling and purifying.

Enjoy higher quality water with the MEC Water Jar!

100% Non-Toxic:

NO Additives, Extenders, Dyes, Plasticizers or chemicals.  No glaze used, so no toxins there, either. Each piece is individually handcrafted & hand finished. Tested & Certified 100% Pure-Clay. No Lead, Cadmium, or Other Metals or Toxins.

Additional information

Dimensions 12 × 12 × 10 in

Total Weight: 12.25 lbs. with lid, 9 lbs. without lid