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Miriam’s Earthen Cookware: Set of 4 Cups


Experience your beverages in their purest form with Miriam’s Earthen Cookware Set of 4 Clay Cups. Masterfully crafted from 100% non-toxic primary clay, these cups offer a safe, chemical-free alternative to conventional drinkware. Their unique design utilizes natural far-infrared heat to maintain your beverage’s temperature while your hands stay cool.



Upgrade your morning coffee or tea routine with Miriam’s Earthen Cookware Set of 4 Cups. Made from 100% non-toxic primary clay, these cups are free from any chemicals or additives that could harm your health.

• Elevate Beverage Quality: Say goodbye to the altered taste and quality from plastic or metal cups. Enjoy pure coffee, tea, or any hot or cold beverage in our non-toxic cups for a healthier and more authentic taste experience.

• Perfectly Sized: These 10-ounce cups strike the right balance for your morning coffee or tea.

• Safe, Sustainable, and Durable: Our earthenware cups are eco-friendly, sustainable, and designed to last, providing reliability for everyday use while promoting environmental consciousness.

Embrace a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle with the Set of 4 Clay Cups from Miriam’s Earthen Cookware. Order now and enhance the quality of your beverages while contributing to a healthier planet. Taste the difference with every sip.


MEC’s products are made from 100% all-natural, primary clay.  Tested and certified to be non-toxic. Unglazed.  Handmade, Made USA.  Raw materials from within the USA.


Delicious And Aromatic!

MEC's cookware is not complete without the cook! That's right. Within a few weeks of use, these pots and pans absorb the oils and flavors we cook with. So, once seasoned, a pot develops its own unique attraction for the folks it feeds, and no two pots are ever the same again! For example, I'm a great consumer of coconut oil, onions, curry powder, rosemary, and thyme, with lentil stew and steamed kale dishes. Mmmm! Now my adult son has engaged me in providing him with cooking lessons! Check it out!
- Dianne, MA, USA

Beyond Awesome!!!

Have been enjoying the blessing of your clay cookware for almost a year now. No more natural cookware have I ever experienced! The flavor and texture your cookware imparts to the Wild Rice and Wild Vegetables I enjoy daily is Beyond Awesome!! Your new cups and bowls are the perfect compliment to these pots, taking the experience to an even deeper level!! The heartfelt attention given to my inquiries by the folks at MEC is equally Beyond Awesome!!
- Dale, MI, US

Highly Recommended

I've been using my Miriam's Earthen pure clay pot nearly daily for a couple months now and figured it was about time to write a review. First impressions: Because I'm on the poor side of life I went with an ""Alternate Line"" pot I read the disclaimer of ""The imperfections could include but are not limited to shallow surface dents and lids that may not have a perfect close."" but figured since you only saved 15% they probably only had a couple of this issues. I'd be wrong my pot came with every single one of them plus a couple. The lid doesn't close very well (Not just not perfect but not really even close), dents in the side, a small pothole in the bottom, and more. Needless to say I was a bit dismayed when I first opened the package. With a deep sigh though I recognized I took the risk of buying a discounted product and had no right to complain and set to work seasoning my new pot. I had already read the seasoning instructions online and was ready to go as soon as it got in. Seasoning was a boring but necessary task. The next day I was cooking my first pot of sprouted brown rice. Which was amazing! The taste was entirely different then anything I'd ever gotten cooking in stainless, glass, or ceramic. It was like rediscovering sprouted brown rice for the very first time. The long term impression: For the first week to follow I pretty much just used the pot to cook rice and quinoa. The next week I started getting more daring and cooking other things like soups and then everything which all turned out amazing. Though all with no small change to how I cooked things. Cooking in a pure clay pot requires both patience and attention. Not only dose it take a lot longer to get up to heat, once it dose it cooks fast. By the time I had owned my pot for three weeks I was using it to cook pretty much everything, the only time something doesn't get cooked in it is when I'm making meals that require me to make things at the same time since I only own one pot, and due to price v income don't see myself able to get another for a quite a long time. Guest and their reactions: When guest see my pot they are mostly shocked by how it looks... the number of defects in this particular pot just makes most people cringe, especially when they ask me how much it cost after trying the food cooked in it and being amazed. The next thing is the smell, I personally really like the smell of this pot cooking and thankfully so dose my girlfriend (she says the smell reminds her of cookies). The point here is that cooking in a clay pot has changed the way my house smells a lot. Things to note: #1 - The lid doesn't close very well on my pot, this has never been an issue without having to do anything to fix it. I don't use a towel or anything like that. It's almost magical how well this pot cooks rice being so loss. #2 - Cleaning has always been quick and easy. Conclusion: I have found that pretty much everything taste better when cooked in a pure clay pot, and all the extra time and effort is well worth the investment. Well it may not be a good show piece to introduce others to pure clay cookware my pot has become the center piece of my kitchen and I am happy to highly recommend a pure clay pot to anyone who has time to cook.
- Rodney

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Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 12 in

10 oz


Set of 4




Handwashing Reccomended (NATURALLY NON-STICK)