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Set of Two Clay Pans — Naturally Non-Stick


Shipment Includes:
1 x MEC 100% Pure-Clay 1.5 Quart|6 cups Pan w/ Lid
1 x MEC 100% Pure-Clay 2.5 Quart|10 cups Pan w/ Lid
Seasoning, Cooking & Care Instructions

If you were looking for the best Tagines or Clay cooking pans, here they are:

  • Made from 100% Natural Clay, no additives, no metals or glazes.
  • Come with the naturally steam condensing lids — lock steam and seal the nutrients inside.
  • Once seasoned following the instructions,  they become non-stick – very easy to clean.
  • Perfect for everyday pan (sauteing, stir frying etc.), baking, roasting and also for those exotic recipes best made in an original tagine.
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Looking for the ideal Tagine that is also made from tested and pure, all-natural clay?  This is it!

Make healthy, delicious meals in our 100% healthy Pure-Clay pans:  Made from all-natural clay not ceramic, flame ware or porcelain and so there are no contaminants in the raw material.  A fine coating of the smallest particles of the same clay is applied to the outside of the pan and lid and is hand burnished to give a smooth finish and soft sheen.

Pure-clay pots and pans are naturally non-stick and once seasoned, they become very easy to use and clean.

Please read use, care seasoning instructions here.  Shipment will include instructions too.

You can read product reviews here.

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MEC Best Tagines | Clay Pans -- Medium & Large
Miriam's Earthen Cookware
Make Healthy, Delicious Meals In Your All-Natural Clay Pans: Use For Sautéing, Stir-Frying, Steaming, Cooking Breakfasts And Grains & Also Use In The Oven For Baking, Roasting & Casserole. FREE From Any Kind Of Non-Stick Coating, Glazes Or Enamel. Made From All-Natural Clay & Hand Burnished To Make Then Naturally Non-Stick.
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