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Experience clay pot cooking in the healthiest way possible — thanks to tested and certified all-natural pure clay. Free from toxins and keeps nutrients intact with unique far infrared heat. Can also be used as a pressure pot, yogurt maker, rice and grains cooker and so much more. Ideal when cooking daily meals for your family or for re-heating smaller portions.

100% Non-Toxic:

NO Additives, Extenders, Dyes, Plasticizers or chemicals used. No glaze used so no toxins there as well. Each piece is individually handcrafted & hand finished.

Naturally Steam Condensing/Preserving:

Unlike traditional metal pressure cookers, the steam condenses naturally because of a cooler underside of the lid. Thus the nutritional value of food improves greatly. No more nutrient-destructive heat, the pot cares for your food as much as you do.  The gentler far-infrared heat from the pot cooks without destroying nutrients.

Increase temperature from low to medium in 5 minutes and cook on medium heat. Maximum heat setting on stove-top is medium heat (5 or 6 on a scale of 1-10).

Truly Healthy Clay Pot Cooking – Just Like Old Times

Experience the ancient way of clay pot cooking using unglazed primary clay with MEC pot, as healthy as it used to be. Feel the difference in taste, healthfulness and cleanse your body of toxins, heavy metals and chemicals from conventional pots, with continued use.

Tested & Certified 100% Pure-Clay. No Lead, Cadmium other Metals or Toxins.

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