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Coconut Husk Cleaning Set – 2 Pieces [1x Brush & 1 Pad]


Shipment Includes: 1x brush & 1x pad 100% coconut husk cleaning set.

Uses: Cleaning (see instructions)

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You’ve asked for it and now we have it! We (literally) searched the world for something that will truly meet our 100% non-toxic requirement and we are so happy to say we found them. Tested for Miriam’s line of non-toxic cookware and they work great!

Little bit of baking soda or non-toxic soap and the round scrubber can clean your pot and pans off in a few swipes, no need to excessively scrub or scourge.

The design allows you to use them easily on all spots: around the knob, underside of the lid near the steam-condensing ring, under the rim of the pot…

They’re made from coconut coir; nature’s provision placed inside of the coconut, used for thousands of years for this purpose.

The scrubbing pad is held together with natural rubber from the rubber tree, no poly or toxic glues used. Because of their durable make and the high quality of raw material they last 4x longer than conventional scrubbing pad made from plastic or metal.

We are enjoying cleaning out pots and pans with them… We hope you will too.

P.S. Thank you for your patience! We had to make sure we found the best and most non-toxic cleaning brushes for your beloved pots and pans and more…

They can also be used for scrubbing countertops, stoves or sinks. In general, less brushing and scrubbing is needed when using MEC’s Coconut Brushes.


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