High Quality Cookware At Discount Prices

Miriams Earthen Cookware is running a sale on items that have some imperfections that don’t affect their functioning as a cooking pot/pan.

What Kind of Imperfections to Expect?   The imperfections could include but are not limited to surface dents and lids that may have a miss-fit.

Terms & Conditions:  For individual items only. This discount is for items that have some aesthetic imperfections.

Does the lid miss-fit affect the cooking?

We check them to make sure the miss-fit is not great enough to affect functioning and are mostly functional in the same way as the regular line. Steam escapes the pot only when the food is almost done cooking so reduce heat to low so it can continue to condense naturally. Or turn the stove off, the heat inside is enough to cook the food to completion.

MEC can be used on gas stoves, electric stove — both coil and glass/ceramic cook-tops, conviction & regular ovens, outdoor grills, wood stoves, solar ovens.  Use them with a heat diffuser on electric cook-tops and stove-tops.

MEC’s 100% Healthy, Non-Toxic & Green Pots and Pans (Alternate Line):

Heat Diffusers for your MEC Pots & Pans

Already have a heat diffuser? Great, but make sure it’s not made of copper (find out why).  A diffuser made of cast iron, steel or aluminium should work fine.  Do I need a heat Diffuser?