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100% Non-toxic Baby Food Maker | Set of 2


Shipment Includes:
2 x MEC Pure-Clay Pot Small Pot with Lid (1.75 Quart, 1.66 litres ) | 8.5″ x 4.5″ (H)
Seasoning, Cooking & Care instructions.

*Height is just for the pot.  Total height of pot with lid is 5.75″

Cook in the Worlds Healthiest Baby Food Maker.  These 100% pure & natural cook pots have no metals, glazes or enamel, they are inert & non-reactive so nothing from the pot is cooking with the food!  The unique steam locker lids, seal steam & water soluble nutrients in to give your baby the healthiest food for an excellent start!

They’re Multi-Cooking so use them to make all kinds of baby food, steaming, rice, beans & lentils, sauteing vegetables… even make the best yogurt!

All our products are 100% Green in the Making, Packaging & Functionality!

Ruth Al-Amin “…My 8 month old used to frequently suffer with a cold. Not anymore, its been 6 months now and no cold or fever.  Even make yogurt in these pots for her, she’s loving it…”

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Store bought baby food has very little nutrients left.  To compensate, it has many synthetic ingredients added and in most cases preserved with ascorbic acid (is ascorbic acid Vitamin C?).

Make and feed your baby home made baby food in these non-toxic pots. Time tested & proven to be the safest & best.

Our 3 kids 4 kids were nourished with baby food from these pots and except for their annual check-up we never had to take them to the doctors. Never had to give them any supplements, since food from these pots was naturally nutritional rich. Now kids around the world are nourished with food from these excellent pots…

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100% Non-Toxic Baby Food Maker | Set of 2
Miriam's Earthen Cookware
The Food A Baby Eats During The First 1-2 Years Of Their Life Is So Important In Determining Their Overall Health In The Future. So It’s Important To Feed The Child Healthy Food That Is Not Lacking In Nutrients Or Has Chemicals And Metals From The Cookware And Storage Containers. Make Fresh, Delicious & Nutritious Food For Your Baby In These 100% Non-Toxic Pots And Experience The Difference.
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