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MEC Large Pot 4 Qt | 16 cups w/ Lid (3.78 L)


Shipment Includes:
1 x MEC 100% Pure-Clay 4 Quart|16 Cups Pot w/ Lid

Use and Care Instructions


HEIGHT: 7.75″ (including lid)

WEIGHT: 5.5 lbs with lid, 4 lbs w/o lid

CAPACITY: 4 Qts | 16 Cups | 3.78 Litres




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The best dutch oven because of its healthfulness.  Can also be used as a pressure pot, yogurt maker, rice and grains cooker and so much more. Ideal when cooking for 5 – 7 people. Use it to cook many of your favorite recipes and taste the true difference!

100% Non-Toxic:

NO Additives, Extenders, Dyes, Plasticizers or chemicals used. No glaze used so no toxins there as well. Each piece is individually handcrafted & hand finished.

Naturally Steam Condensing/Preserving:

Unlike traditional metal pressure cookers, the steam condenses naturally because of a cool underside of the lid, thus nutritional value of food improves greatly. No more harsh heat from metals and ceramics that destroys nutrients, the pot cares for your food as much as you do.

Increase temperature from low to medium in 5 minutes and cook on medium heat. Maximum heat setting on stove-top is medium heat (5 or 6 on a scale of 1-10).

Ideal Thickness of Walls, Another reason why its the best dutch oven:

Food doesn’t burn even when cooking for long hours.  Perfect for those less than 45 minutes meals too!

Increase temperature from low to medium in 5 minutes and cook on medium heat.  Maximum heat setting on stove-top is medium heat (5 or 6 on a scale of 1-10). In the oven is 450 degrees. Because pure-clay is a great retainer of heat there is hardly a need to go past medium setting.

Tested & Certified 100% Pure-Clay. No Lead, Cadmium other Metals or Toxins.






USES: Dutch Oven, Yogurt Making, Rice cookerPressure Cooking, Slow Cooking, Baking & more…

MEC Clay Cookware Seasoning, Cooking and Care Instructions

Healthy Clay Pot Recipes


Health-Saving Cookware... Gracias

In 2005 I was diagnosed with eight heavy metals in toxic ranges and mold. Scaring me I played ostrich (head in sand) so didn't address it until January 2011. When finally I did, my immune system was so severely undermined that in 2012 some of my organs were shutting down. Living with pain, insomnia, no temperature control, and serious, deep distress, I eventually asked my doctor if I was dying. Gratefully not and I've been committed to my physical healing ever since. Research led me to information that pots and pans can leach cadmium, nickel, lead, arsenic, and a not so bioavailable iron. I buy organic, grass-fed, free-range, pastured (not pasteurized) food, so the last thing I want is to add to my toxic overload when cooking my healthy food. Finding Miriam's Earthen Cookware(*) I began to switch over to their Pure Clay cookware... slowly at first. There’s a learning curve when going from stainless steel, cast iron, Corning Ware and glass to cooking in clay. I had to slow down, be more mindful, attentive to different details like the fact that clay pots can crack and break if banged, dropped or subjected to sudden big temperature changes (IE. cold fridge to hot stove). I learned to start cooking on low heat, giving it 5ish minutes then turning the heat up to medium (no higher… not necessary). I treat my MEC(*) more carefully and respectfully, which focuses me on being more present with what I'm doing. Plus bonus, cooking is becoming a calming ritual of peaceful food prep. Food also tastes better cooked in Pure, Natural, Mineral-Rich, Unglazed Clay. And I feel safer knowing MEC(*) is Certified & Guaranteed to have NO Lead, Cadmium, Heavy Metals, Glaze or Toxins of any kind. Thank you Miriam and family for being a company committed to providing a most integral product line for those of us who need the purest, safest and healthiest cookware. I appreciate your generous, caring customer service, your willingness to receive requests to fill specific needs (IE. garlic roaster and bread baker) plus your follow through on designing & handcrafting new products (IE. bowls and mugs). It’s truly a pleasure and a blessing doing business with you. To your continued and growing success for the health of us all! Gratitude, LoreLoreina Acevedo (*)Miriam’s Earthen Cookware… MEC
- Lore Acevedo, Utah USA

Thank You!

Hi Miriam, Thanks a lot for bringing back clay cookware. The whole world is suffering from diseases as cookware contaminates the food...
- Hari - London, UK

Can’t Thank You Enough For Making These Beautiful And Extremely Useful Pots...

I recently came from India and was very sick since my stroke in 2011. My daughter got me the set of 3 MEC pure clay pots and we’ve been cooking in them ever since. There is so much difference in the way I feel. My therapist and my doctors cannot believe there is so much improvement in the way my body is functioning, my muscles are much stronger and more receptive to exercises and flexing, all my joint pain is gone… my energy levels are clearly higher. I am used to eating the same healthy food I eat now; the only difference is now I cook it in pure clay. I’ve made more progress in these short six months than in the past 2 years. I really think the lack of metals in the food and the fact that I am getting all the nutrients from the cooked food versus just half or less in metals is making all the difference in my recovery. It’s amazing how powerful nature really is! I can’t thank you enough for making these beautiful and extremely useful pots. Waiting to get my hands on the pans now… May God bless you,
- Roshini Vijay - BELTON, SC

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