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Miriam’s Small Pan w/ Lid 1.25qt | 5c | 1.18L


Unearth the secrets of wholesome and nutritious cooking with Miriam’s Earthen Cookware Small Clay Pan with Lid. Handcrafted exclusively from all-natural clay, this pan the best when it comes to non-toxic cooking. Void of any additives, dyes, plasticizers, or harmful chemicals. With a 1.25-quart size, it’s your perfect partner for preparing small family meals or delectable side dishes.

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Cook healthier and tastier meals with Miriam’s Earthen Cookware Small Pan with Lid. This pan is created solely from natural clay and contains no additives, dyes, plasticizers, or chemicals, making it completely non-toxic. This pan’s size of 1.25 quarts makes it an ideal choice for preparing small family meals or side dishes.

• Natural Cooking: Our pans use natural far-infrared heat to cook your food to perfection, making it a great choice for efficient, healthy cooking. Say goodbye to burnt bits and hello to tasty meals every time.

• Hassle-Free Cleaning: With its non-toxic and non-stick surface, cleaning this pan is a breeze. Less time spent scrubbing means more time spent enjoying your delicious creation!

• Safe and Reliable: Our cookware is thoroughly tested and certified as 100% pure clay, free from harmful substances like lead or cadmium, ensuring that your food is safe to eat.

After thorough research for the best design for pans, this one turned out to be the winner!  Non-reactive cooking pans that cook food deliciously and nutritiously with far-infrared heat. Experience cooking all your food in the healthiest way possible.

Naturally Steam Condensing/Preserving:

The steam condenses naturally because of a cooler underside of the lid, more information on MEC’s excellent steam management properties are explained here.  No more nutrient-destructive heat, the pot cares for your food as much as you do.  The gentler far-infrared heat from the pot cooks without destroying nutrients.

Increase temperature from low to medium in 5 minutes and cook on medium heat. Maximum heat setting on stove-top is medium heat (5 or 6 on a scale of 1-10).

Healthy, long-lasting cooking pans — The most natural way to cooking.

  • This size lets you cook for 2-4 people.
  • Terra-sigillata finish without the use of chemical glaze gives it a unique, soft sheen.
  • Hand burnished on the inside making it naturally non-stick.
  • Made from natural clay, handles stay cooler and can go from stovetop/oven to serving table.

Tested & Certified 100% Pure-Clay. No Lead, Cadmium other Metals or Toxins.


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Absolutely BEST Cookware Ever

Enjoying every meal I make on this cookware. I grew up cooking with clay pots, but sadly those pots were not free of contaminants. However, Miriam's cookware is made free of contaminants and is non toxic! So spending the money on these non toxic pots to cook my organic food is really is the best to insure that what I am putting into my body and that of my family is of the best quality possible. Taste can't be beat. Everything is delicious and perfect. My son in Japan first bought Miriam's cookware after a long search for such a product. Once he used MEC pots, he purchased 3 pots for me for my birthday this year. What a great gift and son. MEC Customer service is excellent as well. Within a few minutes of sending an email explaining a pot had some cracks in it, I received a call. My problem is being handled quickly and I will get my replacement pot soon. No company we have ever purchased anything from before has this quick, understanding, honest, and good customer service! Thank you MEC for living up to your high standards. I will be telling the rest of my family and friends to purchase your pots! Do yourself a favor, if you are looking to purchase pots, you found the right place at MEC. Buy them without fear. They really are excellent!
- Belinda, NE, USA

Best cookware ever!

Best cookware ever! So excited to finally have an all natural clay pot that I can cook bone broth in!
- Andrea Stoll

The Food Tastes Exceptional.

Although I know primary clay is inert and non-toxic, I did the test to check for toxicity anyway – it passed by 200%. I am so happy to finally cook with non-toxic cookware... The food tastes exceptional!
- Al Kargbo - Boston, MA

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1.25qt, 5c, 1.18l






Handwashing Recommended (NATURALLY NON-STICK)


HEIGHT: 5.25" (including lid)


2 lbs with lid,
1.25 lbs w/o lid