Miriam’s Earthen Cookware: Features & Benefits

Your Food is Pure & Non-Toxic: World’s 1st Cookware that is Certified & Guaranteed to have NO Lead, Cadmium, Arsenic, Glazes, Heavy Metals or Toxic Chemicals

Regardless of the passing fads, all metals are innately reactive, even the most expensive kind like titanium.  Food is a biochemical entity that consists of oxygen, hydrogen, halogens, acids, and bases. In the presence of heat, the metals react with these nutrients in food and the metal ions assimilate with food. Over time, their accumulation in your organs and tissues is the foundation for many illnesses and weakening of the immune system [see the havoc heavy metals could cause in the body here and here]. Ceramics, glazes, and enamels (made with many chemicals, oxides, and metal oxides) are no exception, either [see chemicals and oxides used in ceramics and glazes]. Which is why we specialize in making our cookware and bakeware from 100% non-toxic primary clay — an inert or non-reactive material — and without the use of any additives what-so-ever!

Food’s Nutrients are not Damaged: Different Kind of Heat that Does Not Damage Food’s Nutrients.

While cooking food, a variety of delicate elements (vitamins, minerals, protein molecules, carbohydrates, fats) go through a phenomenal change. These nutrients are transformed with heat from raw to cooked, and the type of heat determines the results. Harsh, near-infrared heat from the walls of metals and man-made materials like ceramic/enameled/glazed pots destroy a lot of these nutrients. This phenomenon can be realized in a small way with this example: if you touch a metal/ceramic pot 5-10 minutes into cooking it can burn your fingers. Food also contains tissue matter and is prone to damage with that kind of heat! Contrary to conventional cookware, MEC, made from 100% primary clay — just like our earth — radiates gentle far-infrared heat: this kind of heat is different in that it penetrates deep into the food particles without destroying their nutritional bonds. Thus food cooks with its nutrients intact, and taking about the same time, at a lower heat setting.

Water-Soluble Nutrients are not Lost: Steam is Naturally Condensed on the Inside

Ever wondered about the significance of the steam leaving the pot? Most of the steam generated in food is water-soluble nutrients. Water soluble nutrients are important vitamins and minerals that are dissolved in water, quickly used in the body, and need to be replenished every day – the body does not store them. Out of the 13 essential vitamins and minerals, 9 are water-soluble! With conventional cookware, as steam leaves the pot, you are losing water-soluble nutrients!

At MEC, we have studied this problem and designed pots and lids that retain steam! The pot and lid feature an ergonomic design formed by packing clay in  concentric patterns. Furthermore, the lid is designed to stay cooler than the pot and has two steam condensing barriers. This allows for the rising steam to condense, and drop right back into the food!

With the raw material being pure and the product being handmade, the lids may not always have a machine cut snug fit; instead, these key design features uniquely help manage steam better than any other cookware, even with their machine cut fit. MEC’s excellent steam management properties are explained here.

Food Cooks in the Presence of O2: The Cookware’s Walls Can “Breathe”

MEC is uniquely designed & made to allow the walls of the pot to draw in air from the outside. As temperature goes up inside the pot, the higher pressure allow the specially designed semi-porous walls to make air and oxygen available to the food.  This feature allows the food to remain fresh, delicious and nutritionally dense! This is a stark contrast to food cooked in an airless/lifeless environment in regular cookware.

Replaces 8 Different Types of Cookware: Made for All Cooking Surfaces & Heat Sources

Miriam’s Earthen Cookware can replace a minimum of 8 different types of cookware. The pressure cooker, rice cooker, sauté pan, Dutch oven, bread baker, tea/coffee pot, yogurt maker, sprouting/fermenting pots.

The different types of cookware in the market today evolved in an effort to imitate the way food cooked in clay. For example, the pressure cooker was invented to keep steam inside and cook with steam pressure, a Dutch oven for cooking food for long hours without food scorching. At MEC we have re-invented clay pots and pans to give you all the features of conventional cookware without clogging your kitchen. Use them to cook any recipe, from the Californian cioppino to the Japanese Oden and everything in-between, in the healthiest way!

Unique Handle Design Around Pot:  Coil-Pressed and Designed for Easier Handling

The handle runs around the circumference of the pot, so it is easy to grab and hold the pot from any side. There is no need to over-think handle accessibility while placing a pot full of ingredients on the stove! No need to worry about screws coming out or an affixed handle breaking off. The handle is uniform and does not protrude.

Coil pressing the clay into a handle means no silicone padding or other materials for cooling are required, keeping the clay pure and non-toxic. The handle stays naturally cooler than the rest of the pot.

Designed to Keep Food Warm 4x Longer: Reducing the Need for Heating & Reheating

Have you cooked in a pot and come back in a few hours to serve yourself just to find out the food is cold already? Disappointing isn’t it? Not anymore! With MEC you can come back in one hour or even four and your food is still warm and ready to enjoy!

Well Priced, Price Match Guarantee: Comes with an Excellent Warranty

While expensive metal cookware that leach heavy metals and toxins sell in the thousands, these 100% healthy pots cost way less –because our mission is not to make high profits, but to serve people and the planet because to us, that is real & lasting “profit”.

All food cooks in about just the same time as conventional cookware, give or take 5-10 minutes and think about the health value of your food, it surpasses even your most expensive copper or titanium pot! Slow cooker meals that take 12-18 hours can be fully cooked in 3 hours or less, without any nutritional compromise!

MEC is backed by a strong & reliable warranty.

Made in the USA: With Primary Clay, Harvested & Tested in the USA

What started off as one woman’s personal quest for the healthiest and safest way to cook food for her family, is now Miriam’s Earthen Cookware (read our story!) Each piece is unique in that they are individually hand crafted by professional potters. They are made in Dedham, Massachusetts, USA.  A fully functional work of art, adding much beauty & natural décor to your kitchens!