This All-American & All-Natural Pressure Cooker Pot Works Better Than the Best Electric Pressure Cookers


Looking for the best electric pressure cookers? Nothing beats getting the best quality for your money, especially when it comes to preparing healthy and delicious meals. There are so many options out there, but what if I tell you that there is a pressure cooker (that also functions as a slow cooker) that works better than even the top-rated best pressure cookers?

Miriam’s Earthen Cookware (MEC) is a pioneering US-based cookware brand that offers cookware made from all-natural clay and no additives. These ergonomically designed handmade pots beat the best smart pressure cooker any day. No stainless-steel inner pot, no complex functions – this 2-piece cookware adopts simple and natural cooking that takes less time and consumes less energy. Intrigued? Keep reading to learn more.

What the “Best” Electric Pressure Cookers are Missing

Design-wise, most modern pressure cookers consist of a cooking pot or insert made from stainless steel inside a sealed casing, a pressure valve to release excess steam through vents, and a control unit with pre-programmed functions for keeping food warm, cooking grains, preparing veggies, and so on. Air fryer functionality is a more recent addition.

Cooking in an electric pressure cooker seems easy and straightforward at first glance, but things start getting messy when you put them to use. Remember that instance when one mistake in inputting settings ruined your entire meal? That’s one of the many flaws of a fully automated cooking process, and it doesn’t stop there.

Behind the veil of countless features with electric models, many pressure cookers are also missing some must-have features for healthy & safe cooking, which is fundamental in keeping us healthy. Here are some notable things a pot needs to ensure the healthiest cooking experience:

What Features Are Important That are Missing?

These include:

  • A Non-Toxic Material
    • No chemicals, metals, or materials should leach from the pot
  • Nutrient & Steam-Retaining Walls & Lid
    • The pot should keep nutrients intact, including nutrients found in steam.
  • Ease of Use
    • Cooking shouldn’t be a tedious and painful process! Using many different pots, or constantly babysitting the pot adds on to the complexity of a recipe.

The raw material of a pot decides how healthy it can cook. A reactive material can leach toxins and contaminate food. Furthermore, the harsh heat may cook food quickly, but at the cost of destroying delicate nutrients. The pressure release valve may be a great safety feature, but steam, which is essentially water-soluble nutrients, is lost through the vents.

And lastly, these instant pots can only cook foods with ingredients take similar cooking times.

Thankfully, MEC provides these key features, which is missing in most other contemporary pressure cookers. Keep reading to learn more…

What Makes This Pot Good for Pressure Cooking & Slow Cooking?

MEC pots are amazing stovetop pressure cookers, and they function as great slow cookers too. Thanks to earthen far-infrared heat radiating from these pots, food cooks from the inside-out evenly and thoroughly in less time, which means the cooking time is cut to half. Did you know this heat from the pot also preserves, instead of destroys delicate nutrients (which conventional cookware damages)?

The natural steam condensation on the colder inner side of lid, coupled with two barriers, makes sure steam (water-soluble nutrients) stays locked inside. As temperature increases inside the pot, the internal pressure allows the semi-porous walls to draw in air, allowing food to cook fresh, delicious, and nutritionally dense! This works in stark contrast to food cooked in even the best electric pressure cooker.

Healthy Pressure Cooking Steam Retention in MEC
Steam-Retention Design by MEC

These Unique Pots Seamlessly Transition From a Pressure Cooker to a Slow Cooker or a Dutch Oven (& so Much More!)

Another thing that makes MEC the best stovetop pressure cooker is how these pots can seamlessly transition from one type of cooking to another in the same recipe. For example, after pressure cooking your beans or meat, you may stir in other ingredients (like vegetables and spices) to use as a Dutch oven. If you turn the heat to low and let the ingredients simmer, it becomes a slow cooker. Food keeps cooking even after you turn the heat off and stays warm for hours. Isn’t it great?

In addition, this multi cooker can also be used to bake bread, cook rice, steam vegetables, make yogurt, and much more

Finally, These Stovetop Pressure Cookers Greatly Benefit Both the Taste of Your Food & Your Health

MEC is very serious and transparent about using the healthiest raw material in making cooking pots: so much so that they have published the test results from a reputable lab on their website. This is a rare thing to find in the cookware industry!

Best Dutch Oven
Pressure Cook and Slow Cook in One Pot with MEC

By cooking through a natural method, MEC brings out the best in your food – with all its nutrients and flavors intact. Without a complex design, it offers you the ease and convenience of cooking all your favorite foods in a perfectly healthy and safe manner. You may use it for something as simple as cooking eggs or as complex as a full-course meal, and food will always be fulfilling and delicious.

Ready to dive into all-natural pressure cooking/slow cooking with MEC? Head over to our online store and order a pot today!


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