No-nonsense Clay: Safest Cookware Today


What according to you, makes the safest cookware? Is it free of toxins? Is it able to cook food in the healthiest way? Is it an eco-friendly pot? According to one pioneering company, the safest cookware is one that is 100% free from toxins, and can cook food healthfully. In recent years, Miriams Earthen Cookware (MEC) has changed the game by bringing back time-honored clay pots and pans into mainstream cooking. In contrast to all the ‘bells and whistles’ on much of the unsafe conventional cookware, these pots are hands-down the most no-nonsense safest cookware. Keep reading to learn more.

Toxin-free Inside and Out

Miriam’s Earthen Cookware uses no toxins — PERIOD. From start to finish, the natural raw material is not contaminated in any way and its purity and natural value is retained. Because these pots and pans turn out 100% non-toxic, there is nothing harmful to leach into food.

Raw Material is 100 Percent Primary Clay

MEC harvests the best quality clay, known as primary clay from locations inside the USA. It is tested for contaminants in a reputable state lab. Primary clay is the only known, all-natural material free from toxins that can be used for making cooking pots.

No Toxins Added in the Manufacturing Process

In fact, MEC does not use additives, glazes or chemicals to the clay, while making the safest cookware. Each piece is individually handcrafted while keeping its main purpose in mind – cooking healthy food. When finished, each piece takes its own unique shape during firing, and comes in a reddish hue of fired clay.

The pots design is both simple and ergonomic…

It’s Easy to Cook in These Safe Pots and Pans…

Cooking in MEC is as easy as it can get. Add all the ingredients at once cover the lid and start on low heat. Then raise to medium-low once steam starts building up, and let food cook in that heat till done. This is pretty much how all recipes cook in MEC pots.

Why Would You Want to Cook in MEC Clay? It is the Safest Cookware Today

Thanks to the purest raw material and absence of additives – there is no leaching of toxins into your food. Along with this assurance of safety, you can enjoy more nutritious meals. Food cooks with gentle far infrared heat so even the most delicate nutrients stay intact and food retains its health value. What more can you ask for when choosing the safest cookware for your family?

There is a satisfaction in providing food for the family and especially loved ones who may have compromised immune systems or have chronic illnesses. While conventional cookware may have some bells and whistles like timers, complicated settings, etc., the ease of cooking with MEC makes these features unnecessary.

These factors make MEC a unique and no-nonsense clay cookware — the safest cooking pots for today. Ready to switch to the best alternative to toxic pots? Visit MEC’s online store.


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