MEC's Heatlhy Dutch Oven, Multi-Cooking, Pot Large (4 qt).


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MEC Pot | Large 4 qt (16 cups) (3.78 L)


1 x MEC Large Pure-Clay Pot with Lid: 4 Quart, 3.78 Litres, 4.5 lbs or 2.26 Kg | 10.5″ x 7.75″ (H) (height includes the lid). 

*Height for just the pot is 5.5″.

Shipment Includes:
–1 MEC Pure-Clay Large Pot with Lid.
–Cooking, Seasoning & Care instructions.

This size is ideal when cooking for 5- 7 people. Use it to cook many of your favorite recipes and taste the true difference!

All our products are Hand Made in the USA. The clay used to make our cookware is tested to ensure it is 100% Free of Lead, Cadmium and Heavy Metals.

Cook Healthy & Delicious food with these beautiful unglazed natural clay pots. The Reddish-Brown color is from the Natural Minerals in the clay and each pot has its own unique shade. Use with diffuser on electric, glass and ceramic cook tops.

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Product Description

MEC has no Additives, Extenders, Dyes, Plasticizers or chemicals. No glaze used so no toxins there as well. Each piece is individually handcrafted and finished with liquid clay by a method known as Terra-sigillata.

For outdoor cooking: Can be used on solid fuel cooking surfaces like wood and coal on low to medium fire/heat.

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MEC Pot | Large 4 qt (3.78 L)
Miriam's Earthen Cookware
When Looking For The Perfect Dutch Oven, It’s Important That The Pot Be As Healthy As The Ingredients. And For A Pot To Be Truly Healthy, It Has To Be 100% Inert. Pots That Leach Toxic Chemicals And Metals Cannot Cook Healthy Food For You! Find Out How Miriams Earthen Cookware Is Different…
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