Clay Pot Cooking: How is it different in Miriams Earthen Cookware?


The health benefits of clay pot cooking over cooking in metals are well known today. The internet is flooded with information on this time-honored and yet modern method of cooking food healthfully and in a more natural way. Let us see how clay pot cooking is different with Miriams Earthen Cookware (MEC):

MEC is a pioneering company based in the US that has been making cookware from pure and natural unglazed primary clay for more than a decade now. While many manufacturers claim to make healthy clay pots, very few really understand or give enough importance to various factors that affect the health value of food: 

100% Primary Clay: Tested and Certified 

Clay comes in many varieties and most manufacturers resort to using secondary or tertiary clay (that have impurities) and use additives like iron oxide, mica, petalite and fillers, which means this clay is not healthy and non-toxic. MEC harvests 100% primary clay from non-industrialized and unfarmed lands in the US after testing it in a state lab for impurities. The raw material is used only when they are sure that it is 100% free from all kinds of toxins. Only MEC’s clay is tested and certified so makes pots and pans that are naturally non-toxic and inert.

No Glazes, Enamels or Additives 

Clay cookware manufacturers often use glazes to give their pots a colorful, shiny or glossy look. They are also enameled to make them non-stick and to withstand high temperatures. Glazes and enamels are full of dangerous chemicals that contaminate food by leaching into it while cooking. So, if a clay pot looks glossy even if it is labelled ‘unglazed’, skip it because it is treated with chemical additives.

MEC pots and pans have this natural color that looks like fired clay. Pure clay pots become naturally non-toxic once fully seasoned (used a few times for wet recipes), there is no need to use enamels. MEC refrains from using any chemical so the final product is as pure and healthy as the raw material – nothing is added or taken out from this rich and potent raw material.

Range of Healthy Features 

Pure clay is naturally semi-porous which makes MEC pots and pans ‘breathable’ so oxygen can pass through the pot while cooking. This makes it possible to cook food in the presence of enough oxygen which makes it healthier, more nutritious and delicious. The semi-porous walls of MEC cookware also enables it to push out toxins from food while cooking – which makes MEC the only cookware that can naturally remove toxins. No other known clay cookware has these features. 

Handmade and Ergonomically Designed 

While most clay cookware manufacturers resort to mechanized processes to make pots and pans conveniently on a large scale, MEC sticks to age old method of throwing clay on a high spinning potter’s wheel and using bare hands to shape it into usable pots. This is because any mechanized process calls for use of chemical additives, so the only way left to retain the health value of clay pots is to make them with hands – a bit challenging but a labor of love! 

MEC also pays close attention to the design of their pots and lids. MEC pots and pans can lock steam naturally while cooking even though they are not air tight. The lid being cooler than the rest of the pot lets steam (water soluble nutrients) condense on its inner surface and fall back into food – what an excellent way to manage steam!

Only one to be made in USA 

MEC is a US based company in the truest sense of the words: they source their raw material from the US and their whole manufacturing process and shipping takes place in the US. This gives their customer a lot of confidence in the quality and health value of clay pots because when the raw material or the pots are imported from a different country, you have no option but to rely on what the label says. There is little you can do to test their claims. 

But MEC has shared the test results (from a US state lab) of their raw material on their website and you can also test the cookware at home using alkaline baking soda test – a simple home test to test your cookware for leaching toxins.

Now that you know how MEC makes healthier and better clay pots, would you be interested in having a hands-on experience of cooking in pure clay? Head over to MEC Store and order a clay pot today to have it delivered to your doorstep anywhere in the world.


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