Slow Cooking with MEC: Inside a Crockpot or on Stovetop? Find out which one is better and healthier?

A time consuming yet popular method of cooking these days is slow cooking, especially because of the level of convenience it provides by requiring no babysitting. MEC has revolutionized conventional slow cooking by making it a lot healthier and greatly reducing the cooking time: 

How MEC makes slow cooking healthier? 

MEC pots and pans

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An All-natural Pressure Cooker that beats the Conventional in Every Aspect

A conventional pressure cooker consists of a metal pot with a well-fitting lid and several other parts. Basically, it generates extreme steam pressure inside the pot to coerce the food to cook a lot quicker than it would have otherwise while saving time. 

On the other hand, a pure clay pressure cooker cooks the same food in pretty much the same time by letting food …

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