Cooking in Clay: Rice and grains, Learn about the many benefits:


Cooking rice in clay not only keeps them healthy, they taste great too. The secret lies in cooking them in a 100% non-toxic, all-natural material that makes the best rice cooker and the rice and grains cooked in it are beneficial in many ways:

Cooking rice in clay keeps them 100% non-toxic 

All metals are innately reactive so when rice and grains are cooked in a metal pot, it leaches toxins. These toxins react to nutrients and contaminate food. Eating such food regularly is detrimental to organs and body functions, and cause several illnesses in the long run. 

But when you cook the same grains in a clay pot, which is naturally non-toxic, it not only keeps your grains free from toxins but also extract toxins, if there are any, present in the ingredients. 

Cooking rice in clay preserves nutrients 

Rice and other grains are full of simple and complex carbs. Out of these, the complex carbs are delicate and are destroyed quickly when subjected to harsh near infrared heat from metal pots. But the unique far infrared heat from clay pot is gentle and keeps delicate nutrients intact. Thus, rice and grains cooked in clay turn out to be a lot more nutritious and healthier.

Cooking rice in clay makes them delicious 

The far infrared heat from clay is food-friendly. It penetrates deep into each grain and cooks food thoroughly and evenly even at low heat. Unlike grains cooked in metals, they are never overcooked, undercooked or taste bland. On the contrary, they turn out to be moist, fluffy with all grains separate from one another – just the way everyone loves them! 

Place to get the best rice cooker 

Miriams Earthen Cookware is a pioneering company based in the US that makes the best rice and grains cooker using pure clay without using any chemicals, glazes or metal compounds. You can order from their online store and have their pots and pans shipped to your doorstep. They ship worldwide! Head over to MEC Store now and order a pure clay rice and grains cooker to cook the healthiest, most nutritious and delicious grains!


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