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Why Is Clay Pot Cooking Both Healthy and Green?

Many people think that cooking in clay pots is the new fad, but this is far from the truth. In fact, cooking with clay cookware dates back to our earliest and oldest civilizations. Despite the numerous differences with civilizations of the past, the one binding feature seems to have been their practice of cooking food in clay. From the Japanese in the East, to the Native Americans in the West, all our ancestors seemed to have shared this common ground. While some may argue that they were probably not advanced enough to use other material, their expert use of metals like copper, bronze and iron, rule out this argument. For all we know, they might have had much more knowledge of the benefits of cooking in clay pots than we do today, and here is why:

Food cooked in clay pots is synonymous with food cooked perfectly, for clay vessels have the unique quality of locking in all the steam and vapor that evaporates during cooking, thereby retaining all the nutrients of the food. The added advantage is that when this locking in of steam and vapor happens, the food gets cooked in its own oils and liquids, this reduces the need to add more oil and/or water… 

Today there is much talk on the health issues related to environmental toxins (chemical and metal) and one of the significant ways metal ions can get into our bodies is through cooking pots. The metal reacts to food during the cooking process (under heat) and leach metallic ions into the food. These metal ions accumulate in the body over time and disrupt the basic metabolic functioning which in turn is one of the causes for various diseases.

Clay cookware on the other hand is inert by nature and does not react with the food. Our cookware is made from MEC clay – a rich and potent matter that is naturally occurring on the surface of the earth. It is composed of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, sodium etc, which are essential to our body. And these minerals are bound together so perfectly in nature that they do not react or leach into the food being cooked in them.

Clay pots cook food with far-infrared heat (FIR).

This type of heat is unique to clay cooking and helps carry spices and seasoning much deeper into the food, giving it that extra special touch in flavor. An added advantage is that this feature also helps you reduce the use of salt, and is therefore is ideal for low-sodium diets. This superior form of heat also helps in cooking vegetables and meat evenly. Unevenly cooked food will now be a thing of the past.

Clay pots retain heat better than any other cookware.

Their immense heat-retaining capacity helps food stay hot longer, saving the need to heat and re-heat. Food stays warm for upto 5 to 6 hours. Also, since they retain heat so well, you can safely turn off the stove 5 to 7 minutes earlier than you usually do and rest assured that your food will be cooked the same, and taste better! To really understand the heat retaining capacity of the pot; consider this–clay pots can retain heat so well, so much so that even though the food inside is cooking and boiling, the outside walls of the pot are not hot enough to burn your hands/fingers–that’s how much heat it can retain within its walls.
We can safely say that our pots are 100% green! The clay we use to make our line of cookware is a 100% renewable resource.  The cookware made from this pure and natural resource, have no chemicals or additives.  At the end of their useful period of time, which can be decades long, they can be returned to the earth in the manner that they were extracted.  The process of making our clay pots is a far cry from the mining, processing and making of metal cookware and the dangerously detrimental effects it has on the environment.

 The clay used to create our line of pots and pans is carefully selected and strictly controlled to ensure that they are lead and cadmium free.  They are not glazed because we strongly believe that nature is beautiful just the way it is.  Not only does glazing require use of toxic chemicals but it also limits the functionality of the pot (read why we don’t glaze). Our pots are fired up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit to make them quite durable.  Our modern, patent-pending design of pots are multi-functional and versatile in use, from cooking soups and stews to braising and risottos or rice, pasta or sautéing vegetables and making all kinds of curries and gravies whether on  stove top or in the oven.  Their unique design makes them easy to use and clean.

Wishing you all a Long, healthy and happy life!

Miriam Kattumuri,
Founder, Miriam’s Earthen Cookware