How To Eat Healthy: The Ingredients, The Cooking Method And The Pot!


Eating healthy is the quintessential requirement for a healthy life which translates to a happy life. To that end, How to Eat Healthy has been a quest for many who seek to know the truth… Ditching junk food and cooking at home helps a lot but there is no guarantee that food cooked at home is healthy & nutritious if you are not mindful of these three things: Your cooking ingredients, method, and your cooking pot! 

How to Eat Healthy? The Cooking Ingredients: 

We cannot stress enough on the importance of choosing the right cooking ingredients. Your choice of ingredients forms the basis of this quest for betterment. Choose only nutrition-rich and preferably seasonal ingredients. Stay away from the 3 P’s — preserved, processed and pre-cooked. Such ingredients are subject to unhealthy methods treatments, chemicals or toxic preservatives and thus lose value greatly. Choosing all-natural, locally grown, and organic (whenever possible) ingredients is a great way to make sure they are healthy.

Another important thing to keep in mind is the balance of nutrients.  When choosing ingredients to make sure you have a balance of nutrients of all kinds: carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and fats… Choose food that gives you all of this in the right proportions. 

How to Eat Healthy? The Cooking Methods: 

We all know there are certain methods of cooking which are better than others for the preservation of nutrients, for example, steaming is better than boiling.  Stir-frying better than deep-frying. Less oil, medium heat, less stirring and scraping of the pan/pot, and so on… 

How to Eat Healthy? The Cooking Pot: 

Now that we have the right ingredients and are knowledgeable about better cooking methods, the most important thing to help preserve these carefully chosen ingredients is the choice of cooking pots. Conventional cookware (titanium, steel, iron metal, ceramic etc.) destroy nutrients with their harsh heat and leave food nutritionally lacking. Also, they leach toxins that react with food and contaminate it. Eating this kind of food regularly can cause serious health problems! 

So clearly the pot plays an important role in deciding the health value of your food, which brings us to clay pot cooking. Clay pots are the healthiest and the only all-natural alternative to conventional pots. It is the most time-honored and healthy method of cooking. This material is 100% inert and non-reactive to food and thus does not leach like metals and the heat from the walls of the pot cook by preserving all the nutrients in food.  Also, steam is locked inside while cooking! 

Experimenting with different metals and alloys in the recent centuries for cookware has only caused challenges to our health and well-being.  It is time that we learn from our mistakes and go back to healthy clay pot cooking. Clay pot cooking has been trusted by one civilization after other despite the availability of different kinds of metals (they made tools and weapons from them but not cookware!)