It is time we make the health of our planet our top priority. Let us start by using green cookware.


The current pandemic has made one thing clear – we cannot abandon the planet after polluting it every way possible while adopting a passivity to the outcome. Our actions have caused drastic climate change and made the whole system vulnerable to destabilization, in turn causing the pandemic. We must radically redesign and rethink the way we live and have a sincere conversation about what it means to live an eco-friendly life

An important yet often overlooked aspect of eco-friendly living is using eco-friendly cookware. Cooking is something we do every day, and yet we pay little to no attention to the lasting effects of our cookware on the health of this planet. 

We have been using metal cookware for a long time now, despite the effect metals have on the health of our bodies, food, and planet. Metallic cookware leaches toxins into food – contaminating it while cooking. This has environmental impacts across several fields. 

The mining of metals requires massive deforestation, eventually causing extinction of plant and animal species. The extraction and processing of metals produce waste byproducts that pollute air, water and land. Making cookware from these metals further releases more pollutants because so many chemicals are used to make them shiny and colorful. Making matters worse, an immense amount of energy is required from the mining of metals to transporting them from the manufacturing plant to the marketplace. 

All of these fallbacks are just part of what makes us rethink the way we choose to make our cookware with more prudence. It is high time we ditch the toxins and switch to something naturally, truly green – like MEC’s pure clay. This raw material is harvested from unfarmed and non-industrialized lands where the clay is free from any contaminants. No chemicals are used at any stage – from procuring raw material to making pots and pans. Instead, MEC sticks to the old-fashioned way of making cookware with skillful hands – just the way our ancestors did. This means that absolutely no toxins are released into the environment at any stage of bringing this cookware from the earth’s crust to your kitchens. 

This is just the beginning of the benefits to clay cookware, MEC pots and pans consume less heat while cooking – resulting in savings of energy over time. Unlike conventional metals, MEC cookwares are 100% biodegradable and easy to dispose of after their useful life cycle – they go back to the same earth without causing any harm. This makes MEC pots and pans ‘truly green’. 

Ready to make this small, yet impactful change in your kitchen for the sake of your planet’s health as well as your own? Head over to MEC Store and order a pure clay pot today! 


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