Our Care For Clay Pots


Our care for clay pots


We’ve been talking a whole lot about the importance of seasoning your clay pot before the first use and how properly caring for your earthen cookware in terms of cleaning and storing will help you enjoy your pots and pans for much longer. That is your part of carefulness, but we do our part too, well before that. What makes our pots and pans stand out from other pure clay cookware is the thoroughness in our ground work, from choosing the land to harvest the clay to giving their final finishing on the wheel.

Where we harvest our clay

Clay may be a 100% renewable resource, but the land where the clay is harvested from is a very important factor to consider. A lot of people just go with whatever patch of land is closer to them, which is not a sustainable method. This might have worked years and years ago, when pollution levels were much lower, but today is just not sensible to do so. It is not healthy for our environment to harvest clay from areas that have already been industrialized or from polluted areas. We are very thorough when looking for land and researching areas where we could harvest clay in a safe and sustainable way.

How we choose our clay

Clay can be found in various states, wet, dry, low fire clays or Kaolin, but we carefully choose the clay we use for our MEC pots. We want to make sure that our raw material is selected and controlled cautiously so that we can ensure its cadmium and lead free. Not only that, but we also make sure that the nutrients found in our clay are the same as the nutrients found in our body and in the same proportion. This makes the clay pots completely safe and since they’re used exactly the way they’re found in nature, with no additions whatsoever, the end result is a completely non-reactive pot.

How we finish our pots

Our care for the earthen cookware we make and sell doesn’t end with the choice of clay and the land we harvest it from. All clay pots need a final finish and most people use glaze, because it’s quicker and easier. We don’t! We use the method of tera-sigillata, which involves finishing the pots with fine clay, not glaze. A thin layer is applied to the outside walls and lid and then they are hand burnished with a special wooden tool. It is a method that requires a lot of artistry and competence, not to mention hard work, but it’s totally worthwhile! It what makes MEC pots unique and 100% pure and non-toxic.