Healthy Pots And Pans Made in USA That Preserve Nutrients


Juanita is a busy mom of 2 kids, is concerned about their dietary needs. Because she knows how they eat now determines how healthy they will be when they grow up.  She juggles between work and carefully plans her meals – choosing healthy organic ingredients avoiding any kind of processed food. Also, she spends a lot of time searching for recipes so she gets all the details right. She does all she can to feed her family delicious and nutrition-rich food. Is she missing something?

It is great that so many people are choosing their cooking ingredients wisely and making sure to minimize or completely avoid processed or pre-prepared foods. But cooking this good food in the wrong cookware can not only destroy the nutrients in your carefully selected ingredients on one hand. And on the other, the cookware’s raw material – metals and chemicals – are reacting to the food and leaching in!

How raw material affects the health of your food?

When the raw material used to make pots and pans is toxic these elements leach at the cooking temperature and contaminate food. Also, the nutrients present in food are destroyed in two ways:

    • The harsh near-infrared heat damages delicate nutrients and leaves food nutrition deficient, and 
  • The water-soluble nutrients release as steam before you can open the lid.

What kind of pots and pans can preserve nutrients?

It all depends on the material used. Pure-clay is a raw material used to make pots and pans for thousands of years.  It is a 100% natural material that can cook by preserving the food’s nutrients:

    • Pure clay is tested and certified 100% non-toxic. It is naturally inert, so doesn’t react with nutrients like reactive metals. As a result, the nutrients remain intact.
    • The heat that radiates from the walls of pure clay pots and pans is far infrared. This food-friendly heat cooks food gently and keeps nutrients intact. There is no other material that can do this.
  • The steam management of pure clay pots and pans is amazing. The lid always stays cooler than the pot, so when steam leaves the food, it condenses on the inner side of the lid. As soon as the food cooks, it settles back into the food and the water-soluble nutrients stay locked within. And as you may know, the body can’t store water-soluble nutrients and needs them on a daily basis, cooking in pure clay makes sure your body is never deficient in them. 

An added benefit: The semi-porous surface of unglazed pure clay pure clay pots is also a blessing. The food cooks with sufficient oxygen that enters through the pores and doesn’t let the food stick to it – making pure clay pots naturally non-stick and healthy cookware.

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