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One of the best decisions I made in my life was transitioning from non-stick cookware to the ancient material of pure natural clay cookware. The journey to get to this point using natural cookware consisted of reading, studying, research, and more research. I stumbled across Miriam’s Earthen Cookware online around September 2015.
As someone who is extremely health conscious, plant based (vegan), an herbalist, holistic healing advocate, and truth seeker, the words on Miriam’s website that captured my attention was:
“Cooking with pure clay is as new as tomorrow and as old as time itself!”
After learning last summer about the toxicity from metal, aluminum, cast iron, non-stick, glazed, and all other cookware I knew I had to make a change. My main concern was lead, cadmium, and other contaminants leaching onto my food affecting my health. I hit a common roadblock many health conscious enthusiast meet as a result of intensive reading, searching for ways to improve their health. However, I knew like always I’d be gifted with an answer somehow. Suddenly, I started to think about back home in Africa. I began asking myself what were we using thousands of years ago in the motherland? After a few google searches, reading many articles, the answer presented before me was “CLAY POTS”. I knew natural clay pots was the next step for me.
I called Miriam’s Earthen Cookware’s contact line posted on her website. One of the workers there picked up. I asked to speak with the owner Miriam, which was not an issue at all. I was happy about that. Miriam came on the phone with a very sweet warm greeting, immediately changing my initial perception of who she could be and how she would act. We ended up talking for 45 minutes or so, all my questions answered and making me comfortable enough to purchase the pots. I bought three items, one large pot, a medium pot, and large pan. It took less than two weeks for them to arrive and when it did the pots were beautifully presented and packaged well ensuring no damage was done to them during the long journey from the east coast. The cookware came with an instruction manual. I studied the detailed instructions on how to season the pots from the manual and on Miriam’s website. I read carefully so that I could avoid making any mistakes.
After seasoning the pot. I decided to start with Quinoa “oatmeal” and it was one of the best tasting quinoa I’ve ever made. The pots give the food so much flavor and life. I had no idea I was missing out all these years cooking with toxic nonstick pans and pots
From the beauty, nostalgia, aroma, and taste of healthy food coming out of the pots, these were a great investment indeed. We don’t use any other pots/pans now that we have these natural clay pots. It’d be foolish to do so honestly.
So why are they the best cookware to use:
1. It’s not toxic like other cookware. Free of heavy metals, and synthetic polymers
2. It retains all the food nutrients.
3. They cook quickly on low heat
4. While cooking water is not lost. It’s sustained in the clay pot
5. The food tastes better.
6. Easy to clean. No soap needed. Just warm water, baking soda, and sponge/scrubber
I am running out of superlatives to say for this great cookware. It’s amazing!
May I add Miriam is a sweet, gentle lady, determined to provide healthier cooking options for everyone. Talking with her a number of times on the phone about healthy eating revealed to me her burning passion to give people alternatives to the destructive cookware most of us grew up with.
Educate yourself on the toxic cookware in the kitchen you and your family currently use and think about switching over to what humans been using for thousands of years. For more info on how to get these natural clay pots in your kitchen go to Miriams’ Earthen Cookware website.

Coby Obi

MEC Owner