Reviews | MEC –Grains really do taste better when cooked in these pots, with a lovely soft texture


Great pots, great service. Grains really do taste better when cooked in these pots, with a lovely soft texture. There is a learning curve to them, as you only cook on low-medium heat. It took me a couple weeks before I could figure out how long and how hot things needed to cook. They also require more care than do stainless steel pots, but no more than cast iron. The company advises against the use of soap, and once the pot seasons food is fairly easy to remove with a little soaking. Over time the pot bottom blackens due to oxidation and the pot develops a darker patina.

I used a medium-sized pot every day for 3+ months cooking rice, porridge, etc. before my pot developed a thin crack on the bottom (little pieces flaked off the edges of the lid as well due to constantly lifting and replacing it on the pot; I tried to prevent this but was never quite successful). The pot was still structurally sound, but it leaked slightly. The folks at Miriams Earthen Cookware told me that ovens with uneven heat can contribute to cracking. They sent me a free replacement under warranty (though I paid shipping). They advised me to avoid the oven in the future and offered instructions for how to attempt a repair of the old pot (which I haven’t tried yet).

Time will tell if this new pot cracks, but it’s held up well so far. (And though it’s the same size as my old one, it has a slightly different shape: it’s squatter with a thicker rim and lid. They might have changed their process or each pot is simply unique.) I use it on an electric coil stove top with a diffuser, as instructed.

I give the company full marks for their product and service. I will update this review if necessary as I continue to use my replacement.


MEC Owner