The Safest Chili Pressure Cooker for Healthy & Easy Meal Prep


Chili is a perfect recipe for having a hearty and comforting meal with your family over a weekend dinner. This healthy and nutritious food warms you up from the first spoonful. In order to make chili from scratch at home, one can usually pressure cook it both on stovetop and in an instant pot.

What Should You be Prepared For While Making Chili?

Cooking chili can feel a bit tedious if you are not a pro, because beans take a long time to prepare from scratch and need overnight soaking. Moreover, this recipe comprises of ingredients with different cooking times, requiring more than one pot with conventional cookware.

If you are healthy cooking enthusiast, you must choose a cooking pot that is non-toxic, so it cooks while preserving the nutrients and natural flavors of this delicious preparation. And if that pot can also overcome the hassles mentioned above, it will be a win-win. Keep reading to learn how you can choose the safest pressure cooker for cooking chili in a healthy and convenient way.

How to Choose the Safest Chili Pressure Cooker

The safety of any cooking pot is largely determined by the raw material it is made from. While studies have established all metals as reactive materials and more likely to leach when heated, coated cookware like Teflon has its own hazards too (read PFOA and PTFE). This leaves us with ceramic cookware or the instant pot (electric pressure cooker) with ceramic inserts.

Ceramic coated pots reportedly form cracks over time, resulting in the exposure of the core material (typically metal) — which is prone to leaching. Moreover, ceramics themselves are composed of impure clay (with metal oxides and natural contaminants), laden with hundreds of chemicals to give it a glossy, impermeable finish. In some cases, ceramics have also been found to contain dangerous toxins like lead and cadmium.

When looking for the safest pressure cooker, it is best to go for a pot made from a pure and non-reactive material so it is still safe even if the outer layer wears off.

Miriam’s Earthen Cookware (MEC) is a US-based company that makes pots and pans from lab tested primary clay without additives, glazes, or chemicals. Primary clay is the purest form of natural clay and is free from contaminants and, thus, is innately inert. Use of primary clay ensures the pot is 100% non-toxic to food cooking in it. And the earthen far infrared heat radiating from pure clay cooks gently while keeping even the most delicate nutrients intact.

Keep reading to discover how MEC makes cooking chili a breeze.

How MEC’s Chili Pressure Cooking is Easier and More Convenient

MEC’s ergonomically designed and uniquely hand-finished cooking pots offer many healthy features that the modern pressure cooker can’t. The pot allows steam pressure to build up naturally inside, and different ingredients with different cooking times cook together in the same pot. The earthen far-infrared heat unique to MEC penetrates deep into food, cooking chili evenly and thoroughly in less time on low heat.

What’s more? MEC is not just a pressure cooker for chili, you can prepare any other recipes in the same pot on any heat source – gas, electric, glass cooktop, or inside the oven. You can also use your MEC pot as an insert in your instant pot, although cooking on stovetop is always healthier and easier compared to instant pot chili. Just incrementally add all your ingredients with enough liquid or water, cover the lid, and let it cook — first on low heat for 5-10 minutes, then on medium-low till the food is fully done. This is pretty much how all foods cook in MEC. Isn’t it great?

Healthy & Safe Pressure Cooking Chili in MEC

There is no need for canned beans (use dried beans for the best health value) or other ingredients, which means that there is no aluminum leaching and/or preservatives from the cans. No added broth is required either: the pot retains so much steam that a natural broth is built up inside – making a tastier & thicker chili. You can use fresh tomatoes in the recipe instead of tomato paste, chunky beef or ground beef instead of beef broth, and aromatic spices instead of chili powder — all while still maintaining consistency. This healthy & quick chili recipe takes only an hour and a half!

In our delicious ground turkey chili recipe, MEC acts as a natural pressure cooker cooking those dry beans up, as well as a (fast) slow cooker to cook the ground meat and spices together.

Make the best chili in MEC

Try out MEC’s pressure cooker chili recipe here: Healthy Turkey Chili in MEC

Interested in cooking this quick pressure cooker chili recipe in the healthiest and safest natural pressure cooker? Head over to our online store and order a pot today!

People Also Ask:

How long should you cook chili for?

Chili can be slow-cooked for an average 6-7 hours if cooking in a conventional pot at medium heat on a stovetop. While it may taste better than that of an instant pot, most of the nutrients end up being lost due to long hours of persistent heat. An instant pot chili takes less than an hour, but the flavors won’t be as rich and most nutrients are lost too — due to high pressure steam cooking at extremely high temperatures.

MEC cooks chili in only about 60-70 minutes on the stove; and it turns out flavorful, aromatic, and of perfect consistency!


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