The Best Dutch Oven to Cook Your Soups & Stews this Winter


Are you planning to enjoy healthy soups and stews this winter? Then a healthy Dutch oven can be a great friend to help you realize your plans. A Dutch oven is perfect for such recipes because it is a sturdy piece of cookware that can retain and distribute heat evenly. And when it is made from All-Natural pure clay, you can be sure that your food stays 100% non-toxic and full of nutrients which also makes it delicious. Wondering how? Read on to find out.

Why pure clay makes the best Dutch oven

Pure clay radiates far-infrared heat which penetrates deep into food, cooking it evenly and thoroughly without needing too much heat from your stove. This is exactly what your soups and stews need to cook perfectly. Cooking food at low heat in these kind of pots retains all the nutrients, including those that are water-soluble and present in the form of steam.

Miriams Earthen Cookware (MEC) is a great all-American brand that offers handmade pots and pans from locally sourced 100% non-toxic primary clay. Their large pot handles Dutch oven recipes like a pro because of its perfect size and shape – And the design of the pot and lid causes the steam rising from the food to keep condensing on the inside of the lid. This happens because the underside of the lid stays cooler than the rest of the pot, cool enough to condense the rising steam. This steam that keeps falling back into food is filled with essential water-soluble nutrients. This type of nutrients the body needs daily because they are not stored like the fat soluble nutrients.

Unlike harsh heat from metals, this gentle heat keeps the most delicate nutrients like phytonutrients and complex carbs intact. This also results in thoroughly cooked food with a wonderful texture.

MEC’s Dutch oven qualifies to be the best because it leaves your food uncontaminated (unlike metal or ceramic Dutch ovens which leach toxins into the food). Primary clay is naturally inert meaning it is not reactive and therefore no harmful substances are released into the food. Because there are no additives or glazes used in the making, the pot cooks without leaching and keeps food 100% toxin-free. Besides cooking the healthiest food, MEC pots offer a lot of convenience in cooking – just put in all the ingredients at once, start on low heat and increase to medium low after 5 minutes or so and let the food cook until fully done.

Ready to dive in to this modern, healthy, and convenient way of Dutch oven cooking? Visit our online store and order your Dutch oven pot today!


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