The Connection between the Types of Pots and Pans and the Nutritional Value of the Cooked Food


Do you know that the health of your food depends on the health of the cooking pot? The effect of the types of pots and pans on the nutritional value of food is often ignored but the truth is – it is impossible to cook healthy food without cooking in healthy cookware. This article explores the connection between the cookware type and the nutritional value of food. 

Different Types of Pots and Pans Available in Market

The market is flooded with a variety of cookware but all of these can be broadly classified into the following 3 kinds based on their raw material: 

  1. Cookware made from metals (and/or their alloys) 
  2. Ceramic Cookware 
  3. Pure Clay Cookware 

Cookware Made From Metals 

All metals are innately reactive and leach while cooking food (a biochemical entity) at cooking temperature. This contaminated food can cause detrimental changes to the cells, tissues, blood and organs. Eating toxic food is the reason we are facing so many health problems and are always taking one or more types of medications to balance out. 

Ceramic Cookware 

Some may consider ceramic as a type of clay but it is far from the natural clay. It is secondary or tertiary clay barraged with numerous chemicals containing chemical compounds. The pots and pans made from ceramics also leach metal toxins when you cook in them. 

Besides making food toxic, the conventional metal or ceramic cookware destroy delicate nutrients in food with their harsh near infrared heat. Also the water soluble nutrients are lost as steam. As a result, most of the food we eat is deficient in complex carbs, flavonoids, phytonutrients and water-soluble nutrients. 

Pure Clay Cookware 

Unglazed primary clay (or pure clay) is the only natural material that is used to make cooking pots and pans, unlike in ancient times when different types of pots and pans were made from only pure clay. This pure and natural material is naturally non-toxic so it doesn’t leach while cooking. 

Another unique feature of this cookware is that it radiates far infrared heat that cooks food thoroughly even at medium heat or less and takes less time. This is the same kind of heat the earth radiates, which we can all feel, is not harsh like the heat radiating from a metal encased car! People are always excited about the wholeness of food after cooking in pure clay for the first time because food remains whole and looks fresh and not withered down, and yet is fully cooked! 

In USA, Miriams Earthen Cookware makes pots and pans from pure clay without using any chemicals so they can deliver the cooking pots and pans in their most natural self – this is also the reason no two pots/pans are exactly the same. 

Carefully Choosing the Types of Pots and Pans 

In this competitive era, it is very common to come across several products that may look similar but are very different from one another in the way they function. This is why, it’s important to test your cookware yourself before you believe the claims made by any manufacturer. 

Luckily, a simple home test using some baking soda and water is enough to check the toxicity of a cooking pot or pan. Before you choose the right one, it would be wise to test different types of pots and pans using this method so you can be sure you are cooking the most healthy and nutritious food for your family. 

Alternatively, you can buy MEC pots and pans and start cooking in them right away because they have already been tested by this method and others, and they passed with flying colors. This is why, MEC is the first choice of every healthy cook who understands the connection between the cooking pot and the nutrients in cooked food. 

Ready to cook the most nutritious food for your family? Head over to MEC Store and order pure clay cookware today! 


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