Cooking for your kids – a different challenge today


We all remember the times where the most important thing for a child food-wise was to eat his or her vegetables. Today, it’s not that simple anymore. Today, cooking for your kids, for you entire family in fact, has become a real challenge, because you have to take be careful of everything: what produce you buy, where you buy it from, if it’s organic or not, if it’s imported or local, how you cook it and even in what you are cooking it. The latter aspect, that of cookware, has become more and more of an issue ever since scientists discovered that our regular pots and pans can be toxic. So the quest for non-toxic cookware began.

Why the cookware matters

When you are preparing your kids’ meals, you want to lay the healthiest dishes in front of them. You want them to be healthy, increase their immunity and help them grow up strong, which is why a balanced diet in a child is so important. But what good does a healthy, balanced diet do if toxins and poisonous chemicals make their way into your kids’ food? Because that’s what regular cookware does. All the chemicals and metals that were used to manufacture those amazing non-stick pans that you love so much, when catalyzed by heat, leach into the food that you then feed your children. It doesn’t matter that you only buy bio products and locally grown produce, by the time you serve your family dinner, the meal can be full of toxins leached from the cookware. So the pots and pans you use matter. They matter a great deal. Pure clay pots are the best non-toxic cookware that you can find. In fact, they’re the real thing, the one type of kitchenware that you can be absolutely sure it has no toxins or chemicals in it whatsoever.

The fine print

Because safe and healthy cookware has become such an issue and the topic has received much attention from the blogosphere as well, a lot of cookware began to be marketed as non-toxic or chemical-free. But as it goes with any type of advertising or labeling, it’s the fine print that makes the difference. And when it comes to the food you serve your kids, you want to read the fine print. You’ve probably heard about clay being the best raw material for healthy cookware and that’s true. Clay is 100% natural and it’s inert. However, there is clay cookware available on the market that has been glazed and that completely nullifies the purpose. Once that clay has been glazed, a whole lot of other materials, mostly chemicals and toxins, are now part of the cookware.