Healthy Cookware & the Difference it makes to your Food & Health.


Are you using the healthiest cookware? We think food is at its best in health and taste when the right ingredients are used. But what about the cooking pot? How important is it in determining the healthfulness of your food?

There are two types of cooking pots. Conventional pots made from metal, aluminum and other newer materials like ceramic and enameled. All of these contain toxic chemicals and heavy metals, chemical oxides and so much more in their manufacturing.

Then there is pure-clay cookware. Pure clay cookware is pots and pans made from 100% all-natural, tested, primary clay, and without the use of any chemicals, additives or toxins (see how Miriams Earthen Cookware is made).   Pots and pans formed from just pure nature!

Food turns out very different with the healthiest cookware. Here are some of the important differences:

 Difference in the Purity of the Food:

MEC’s pure clay pots and pans are 100% inert — nothing from the pot leaches into your food. These are the only pots and pans that are guaranteed to be 100% inert in the market today. A simple baking soda test for leaching of metals or toxins can prove this fact. Metals and other conventional cookware are highly reactive. Food is a biochemical entity and heat is a catalyst to all reactions. These pots and pans when exposed to heat leach metal ions like iron, nickel, chromium, molybdenum, carbon etc. from stainless steel, high amounts of aluminum & iron from aluminum and cast iron cookware respectively.  Chemicals and inorganic oxides used in ceramics, glazes, enamels also leach in during cooking, see the list of chemicals used in these materials.

 Difference in the Nutritional Value:

Pure clay cooks with gentle heat known as far infrared heat. It has a greater wavelength and penetrates deeper into the food without damaging the nutritional cells. Conventional cookware cooks with harsh heat that burns and damages the delicate nutritional tissues in foods. For example, when cooking whole grains in a metal/ceramic pot, the harsh heat destroys the more potent and delicate complex carbs and trace minerals leaving only the simple carbs starch. No wonder diabetes is a chronic illness in our times. With meats and beans, their delicate protein cells are damaged and vegetables and fruits are made void of a lot of their rich vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

Difference in the Content of Water-Soluble Nutrients:

The special design of MEC’s pot and lid helps harness its ability to lock steam inside. The design is such that it lets the steam condense and send the rising steam back into your food. No other clay pots can do this. This is very crucial as 9 out of the 13 essential nutrients, minerals and vitamins are water soluble and leave when the moisture in food evaporates. By trapping steam inside, MEC’s pure clay pots and pans help your food retain all its water-soluble nutrients. Regular pots and pans, regardless of what cookware you use, including pressure cookers let steam escape and with it leave vitamins and minerals.

Difference in Taste & Flavor:

“The food tastes amazing & nothing like what we’ve tasted before” is what MEC cooks say all the time (read our website reviews & google reviews here). The reason is: unique far infrared heat helps seasonings and spices penetrate deeper into food making it more flavorful. The gentle form of heat doesn’t damage food tissues making all the natural flavors, that otherwise get destroyed, readily available for you to taste and experience.

Difference in Cooking Time and Heat Used:

Pure clay cookware is a great retainer of heat. On the other hand metals heat and cool at the same time. This enables pure clay pots to cook faster and with less heat than with conventional cookware.  So cooking time reduces for food items that may take a long time to cook such as lentils or slow cooker meals. For example, while making a 6 qt pot of beef bone broth takes 12-24 hours in a slow cooker, will take only 3-4 hours in MEC pots. Because there is no nutritional damage to the food, you can raise the heat to medium till cooking point and bring it back to simmer till fully done. In 3-4 hours your bone broth is ready, far more delicious and nutritious.

Difference in Cooking & Cleaning

One of the benefits of having a pot/pan made from pure clay is its aspect of a semi-porous surface which allows it to “breathe”. This breathability makes it great for making thick, creamy yogurt without the need for thickeners. The excess moisture evaporates through the semi-porous walls. Also when cooking rice & other grains this unique feature allows excess moisture to escape. It yields much softer, fluffy non-sticky rice and grains without adding oil. Metal, ceramic and enameled cookware are not breathable materials and thus hold in excess water creating soggy foods and runny yogurt. Another reason why MEC is the healthiest cookware.

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One of the greatest perks of the pure clay pots or pans is that it comes with naturally non-stick properties.  Because of its breathability, these pots/pans repel the stickiness of foods. This means you will not need to add oils or fats to cook with it. With MEC, you can cook all your favorite recipes in a healthier way using the healthiest cookware. Best of all it makes cleaning a breeze! No soap – just sprinkle a little bit of baking soda mixed with some warm/hot water to clean your pure clay cookware.

With all these great many unique features and benefits there is now no reason why you shouldn’t cook in the healthiest cookware by MEC!

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