The Quest For The Best Pots & Pans: Healthy, Non-Toxic & Green


Can you remember another time when one had so many options when it came to cookware? A few years ago, well maybe more than a few, you’d enter a kitchenware store and there would be 5 different types of pots and pans on a shelf.  Now, there are entire aisles, not to mention entire stores dedicated to cookware and dozens of types, brands and styles. Finding and buying the best pots and pans has become a more difficult task than it should.  That’s because people had started to be more concerned with convenience rather than health or functionality, but that consumer behavior has known a significant shift recently.

Healthy Pots and Pans

The most drastic change in consumer behavior was prompted by the increased awareness of how the way we cook our food impacts our health. Studies have shown that the density of nutrients in food can be so easily damaged by using the wrong type of cookware, because the heat from conventional metal, ceramic, enameled pots and pans quickly destroy the delicate nutritional cells in food. And heavy metals and chemicals from regular pots and pans leach into our food. You can spend hundreds of dollars buying the best organic food and yet still turn it into poison by cooking it in these pots. While some pots and pans are plain toxic, some are just better than other. It’s not enough to buy non-toxic pots and pans, you have to also make sure they’re non-reactive. Pure clay is your best answer, as it is not only 100% toxin free, but it’s also 100% inert. The fact that you can cook your food in pure clay dishes without adding any oil or fat makes them the healthiest and best pots and pans out there.

Finding the Best Pots and Pans

If you go into a kitchenware store, chances are you won’t find pure clay cookware displayed on the shelves. So where is it that you can find these 100% natural pots and pans? Go online, this is the internet era after all. Do your due diligence and research manufacturers and suppliers of clay cookware and then pay attention to the fine print. There will be a lot of websites promoting healthy or non toxic cookware, but if you ask details about their products you’ll find these have been treated to withstand direct heat or glazed, which totally nullifies their status of healthy cookware, even if they’re made of clay. So you need to find pots and pans that are made from 100% pure and primary clay (that's the name given to clay that is void of naturally occurring contaminants) and that haven’t been glazed or treated in any way. These are your winners. You might end up paying a little extra for them, but they’ll keep you and your family healthy and safe and you’ll probably enjoy them for a very long time as they’re known for their resistance and durability.

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