What is the safest cookware for making homemade hair and skin treatment remedies?


Are you worried about your dry hair, hands, scalp, or skin? Or do you just want to improve your hair and skin to your satisfaction? Then you may be thinking about changing your existing hair and skin products or planning to ditch them for good in favor of natural home remedies. This article explains why trying different products could be a bad idea and suggests the safest cookware to prepare natural remedies that have no side effects. Keep reading…

What is wrong with cosmetic hair and skin products?

According to studies, an average person uses 10-12 personal care products a day containing more than 150 different chemicals. And the skin may absorb up to 60 per cent of these chemicals..

Another study, by the Northwestern University School of Medicine in Evanston, Illinois also reveals that complaints made against beauty goods more than doubled from 2015 to 2016, with haircare products topping the list. There were more than 5,000 events reported to the FDA from 2004 to 2016, with 1,591 incidents reported in 2016 alone.

Beauty products may or may not impart the promised results, but their substandard quality, grade, and harmful composition can result in allergies, discoloration, texture alteration or permanent damage to the skin or hair. Their regular usage has led to steep rise in side effects suffered by the consumers over the years.

This means when you switch among different beauty products to see which suits you best, you could be subjecting yourself to different toxic chemicals. The most common chemical found in beauty products is paraben. It is used as a preservative in deodorants, moisturizers, shampoos, body wash and makeup. It increases the chances of breast cancer and can be carcinogenic even in tiny amounts.

This means that if you really want better and healthier skin and hair, the natural home remedies are your best rescue. At best, they might help you sustain your hair and skin health and at worst, they may be less effective but would cause no side effects.

Different home remedies for healthy skin and hair

Using age-old home remedies is the best and most affordable way to get healthy skin and hair. There are so many ingredients available in your kitchen to use. Here are some of the ingredients you can use for home remedies:


Turmeric is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredient. It aids in rejuvenating dull skin and keeping skin infections at bay. One could use a simple mask made with turmeric, honey and milk to get glowing skin. NOTE: Turmeric may stain cloth so keep it away from clothing and towels, etc.

Lemon juice

We know the importance of Vitamin C for healthy skin. Lemon juice is the easiest and cheapest way to induce Vitamin C into our skin. Applying lemon juice (diluted) on your face with a cotton ball not only acts as a toner but gives you all the benefits of a Vitamin C serum. As lemon is acidic, it can irritate sensitive skin. It is best to do a patch test before applying because it is acidic and can irritate sensitive skin.

Fenugreek seeds

This spice can make your hair shiny and thick. You can soak these seeds overnight, then grind the seeds and make a mixture with coconut oil. Then apply this mask for 1-2 hours. Regular use can improve hair and scalp health.

Rice water

Rice has been used as a beauty treatment in Japan for thousands of years. Inositol in this water can repair damaged hair. Just soak ½ cup uncooked rice in 2-3 cups water for 30 minutes. Strain the rice water and use it as a hair rinse. This will help to strengthen hair.

Making oils from natural ingredients at home

It could be a hassle to prepare such ingredients for use, every time you want to apply these on your hair or skin. More so if you want to use them regularly. As an alternative, many people prefer to make oils using natural ingredients and pure oils like coconut oil for daily use.

Choose the natural herbs or ingredients you want to use, grind them to form a mixture, add to cold pressed coconut oil or olive oil and heat for 5-10 minutes at low. Let it cool down and your home remedy is ready. Most popular ingredients for such remedies are Indian gooseberry a.k.a. Amla, false daisy a.k.a. Eclipta prostrata/Bhringaraj, curry leaves, camphor, peppermint, hibiscus flower, onion etc.

Depending on your skin and hair, or your desired results, you can look for the most suitable natural ingredients on the Internet and prepare an oil for your use. But there is an important aspect to keep in mind while making these oils – using a non-toxic cooking pot. Read on to learn why this is important.

The Safest Cookware for making homemade hair and skin treatment remedies

Using a conventional cookware for making these remedies has a risk – the toxins from the cookware material can leach and contaminate your whole preparation. The conventional cookware commonly uses metals or their alloys. These are innately reactive. Also, the glazes used in cookware like ceramic cookware are full of toxic chemicals.

Preparing any home remedy or oils in such cookware can cause them to leach toxic ions. The danger is posed when these ions react to nutrients in ingredients and form toxic compounds. Also, the harsh near infrared heat from such pots can break down oils. For these reasons, it is important to use the safest cookware to prepare such remedies.

Miriams Earthen Cookware (MEC) is a US-based company that makes pots and pans from lab tested primary clay. It is the purest form of clay and is free from impurities. The makers do not use any additives or glazes, so the cooking pots are as pure as natural clay. They are naturally inert because nothing is added, modified, or removed from the raw material.

Making such remedies in a pure clay pot ensures there is no contamination and the integrity and health value of your ingredients is maintained. You will have peace of mind as you can get maximum benefit from your home remedies and enjoy healthy skin and hair.

Interested in making oils and other remedies for healthy skin and hair in these non-toxic pots by MEC? Head over to our online store and order a pot today.


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