Which is the best slow cooker on the market?


I was recently researching slow cookers, as I am a fool for caramelized meats and other such dishes and I noticed that all the reviews and roundups online focused on aluminum or other type of metal cookware. What about all that buzzing about metal pots leaching toxins into our foods? I’ve read the studies, I’ve searched the literature, so I know it’s a true fact. Then how can these be the best crock pots or slow cookers on the market? Well, they’re not. And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. The best slow cooker on the market is not the one with the fanciest programmable functions, but the one that doesn’t poison you or your family. And that’s a pure clay pot.

Slow cooking increases the chances of reactions

Basically, you use a slow cooker for foods and dishes that require longer periods to cook. Longer cooking periods means your food is exposed to heat and the pot for a lot more time and you know heat is a catalyst to reactions between metals. So, if your slow cooker is a metal one, then toxins like cadmium and lead and other chemicals used to glaze metal cookware will leach straight into your food – for hours that is. Looking at the inserts of these slow cookers advertised as “the best” all I can see is they’re manufactured from steel, aluminum or iron, all of which are reactive metals. There are some that are manufactured from ceramic materials, but these need glazing to withstand the heat and glazing comes with its own range of toxic additives. These can’t be the best options on the market.

Clay pots as slow cookers

Pure clay is inert. It will not react with your food. Not only that, but it’s free of lead, cadmium and any other toxins or chemicals you can think of. However, not all clay pots can be used as slow cookers. You need to find the right one. You need to find a pot that has the design and key features that will allow you to use it as a slow cooker. And then you’ll have the best slow cooker on the market. You’ll find it very convenient as well, as the pot requires little to no babysitting. There are pure clay pots that can actually replace the inserts in crock machines. You just need to be careful about dimensions and make sure the pot you choose fits in the crock machine. You also need to make sure that it sits on the bottom of the machine and that there’s some space on all sides, but these details will surely be provided by the manufacturer or the supplier.