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MEC Pot | X-Large 6 qt (24 cups) (5.67 L)


6 Quarts, 5.67 liters | 12″ x 6″ (H) / 5.5 lbs or 2.49 Kg

*Height is for just the pot. Total height of pot with the lid is 8.5″.

Shipment Includes:
–1 MEC Pure-Clay X-Large Pot with Lid
–Seasoning, Cooking and Care Instructions

Your best & healthiest choice for a work-horse dutch oven for everyday cooking & for those special family occasions.

With your MEC X-large pot, making healthy & delicious food for your family is easy and stress free. Let the pot to the job for you. The pots are quite independent and can cook your food with very little monitoring or baby sitting. Add all ingredients and let the pot do the cooking, need to stir only occasionally. For stove top and oven use. Can be used for slow cooking and regular cooking.

All our pots and pans are handcrafted in the USA with Raw materiel from within the US. They are made from 100% Natural Clay, tested and Guaranteed to be LEAD, CADMIUM, TOXINS & HEAVY METAL FREE. No additives or glazed used in the making.

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Product Description

This size is ideal when cooking for 7 to 10 people. Use our pots to cook nutritious meals which taste great too! No metals so no leaching.

Must use with diffuser on electric, glass and ceramic cook tops. Cook 100% Healthy & Non-toxic food for you and your family with this beautiful unglazed clay pot!

All our products are Hand Made in the USA, with all raw materials from within the USA. The clay used to make our cookware is tested to ensure it is totally free of toxins like lead and cadmium.

Can also be used on solid fuel cooking surfaces like wood and coal on low to medium heat.

Use & Care: Stovetop and Oven safe. Refrigerator safe. Hand wash only with non-toxic soap or baking soda. Use it to cook any recipe you would in a regular metal pot like rice, soups, curries, sautés etc.

Increase temperature gradually from 0 to desired setting — Maximum heat Setting on Stove Top is medium heat (5, on a scale of 0-9). Maximum heat setting in the Oven is 450 degrees. There is no need to increase heat to beyond 5 on the stove top because of the high amount of heat the pot, made with this special clay, can retain inside its walls.

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MEC Pot | X-Large 6 qt (5.67 L)
Miriam's Earthen Cookware
Make Your Healthiest Bone Broth In Way Less Time Than Conventional Methods. Cook Soups, Stews, Grains, Steam Vegetables And So Much More In This All-In-One, Multi-Cooking Pure Clay Pot. Find Out Why Its Good For You & The Planet.
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