What Exactly Is A Dutch Oven, And Which Is The Best?


What Is A Dutch Oven?

By Definition, a Dutch Oven is a two-piece cooking utensil that includes a pot along with its well-fitting lid. It has thicker walls than a regular pot and you can use it on the stovetop or in the oven. Use it for cooking anything from soups, stews to all kinds of rice and other casseroles dishes.   Ideally, a Dutch oven should work both on the stove-top and in the oven; this gives the pot greater flexibility & makes it multi-functional.  When looking for the best Dutch oven there are some important features to keep in mind:

What Features are Important When looking for the Best Dutch Oven?

For something to be considered the best, it should fully and holistically meet its core purpose. In this case, the best Dutch Oven should cook your food in the most nutritious and healthy way possible. Many of the Dutch ovens in the market are either made from metals or ceramics. Unfortunately, because of their raw material they fall short of being able to fully accomplish this goal.

Metals Are Reactive And Leach Into Your Food.

Metals react and leach into the food and glazed ceramics contain dangerous chemicals like feldspar, petalites (an ore of lithium) and are unsafe and unhealthy especially at higher temperatures (heat is a catalyst for these reactions).

Steam Retention

Few are aware how important steam is to the healthfulness of the food.  The steam that is constantly evaporating from a conventional Dutch oven is water-soluble nutrients.  Did you know 9 out the the 13 essential vitamins and minerals are water soluble? so much of it is lost with conventional cookware.

How is 100% Natural, Pure-Clay Better?

Best Dutch Oven made from 100% non-toxic pure clay

Pure and all-natural clay has been a choice material for making cooking pots for a long, long time. Two of the unique features that distinguish these pots are a) they’re made from nutrient rich clay, have no metals and are 100% inert or non-reactive. Unlike their counterparts, they don’t react and get into food.

As for the steam, unlike metals that heat and cool at the same time, clay pots don’t pass the heat as much to their lids, the lid remains cooler and helps condense and send the steam right back into the food.

Little to no oil and other liquids are required because all the food’s oil and moisture is locked inside, food cooks with its own fat and liquids again intensifying the nutritional value & taste!


That’s not all… the heat that cooks your food is different: its far-Infrared heat. This superior form of heat penetrates much deeper and cooks your food to the perfect consistency without damaging the delicate nutritional cells in food.

MEC’s Dutch Ovens are guaranteed to have NO CHEMICAL, LEAD, CADMIUM, TOXINS & HEAVY METAL

Interested to know how they’re made? Read about this unique labor of love.

Here are Some Other Great Benefits:

  • MEC Dutch ovens require little to no monitoring when cooking.
  • You’ll have to stir only occasionally. Steam and moisture stay inside so food does not get too dry or stuck to the walls.
  • They are naturally non-stick.  Perfect for making those long-hour-cooking meals, because cleaning is a breeze
  • Pure-Clay is an excellent retainer of heat inside so all recipes can cook beautifully just on medium heat, and many times you can conveniently turn the stove off even if the food is not fully cooked… it finishes cooking with the heat retained inside.
  • Environmentally, these pots are 100% green. The process of making them is a far cry from the process of mining and making cookware from metals or other raw materials like ceramics. MEC pots and pans come from a zero toxic, zero waste facility. Pure-clay is a gift from nature and just like rainwater, it’s pure in the raw form. To confirm we test all the clay we harvest. We also don’t let glazes come close to our pots so we can safely guarantee they are Free of Lead, Cadmium and any other Heavy Metals.

After a lot of searching for the best Dutch Oven, Rachel from Texas was very happy to discover MEC:

“… I was looking for a Dutch Oven to cook my stews and bone soup on the stove top but your pure-clay Dutch ovens are so much more. With the set of 3, I cook from rice to casseroles to soups; I even make yogurt in them. …So easy to cook and clean…” Rachel, TX USA.

Tips For Best Results:

Just keep these few things in mind and you’ll be bringing back to life this time-honored method of cooking food nutritiously, right in your kitchens with the best Dutch ovens:

  • Season pot per instructions.
  • Maximum heat on the stovetop is medium heat: All recipes cook beautifully just on medium as the pot locks all heat inside. 450 in the oven.
  • Use with a diffuser for electric stoves. These stoves generate heat unevenly and thus a diffuser is necessary.
    Keep using your pot, always and often as possible (at least once every 2-3 days). They get stronger and cook faster the more they’re used.
  • Dry thoroughly if putting away for some time.

Here are some great recipes your can try in MEC pots.

Get yours today and start cooking your healthiest food.

A great product should also be backed by good reviews from real customers. For this reason MEC periodically contacts customers who have used the products for a minimum of 2 months to write reviews.  Here is what they have said: Customer’s reviews of Miriams Earthen Cookware. Also, MEC is rated 4.7 out of 5 on Google.  You can read Google reviews here.