Is Ascorbic Acid really Vitamin C?


If I were to explain this in simple terms, ascorbic acid that is added as a preservatives to packaged food (including baby food), that which is conveniently labeled Vitamin C is not really vitamin C.  It is a synthetically derived ingredient that is chemically extracted from corn (most probably GMO) or rice starch.  This derivative is 10 times more acidic than the pure & natural one found in a vitamin complex as found in whole foods, i.e. fruits, vegetables, whole grains etc.    No wonder my babies cried non-stop, sometimes for several hours at a time because of the acidity that formed because of bottled baby food.  Thank God I was given this knowledge and made the change to cook healthy & nutritious baby food at home in our Non-Toxic Baby Food Maker, and what a difference!!

In nature, the real ascorbic acid is a very small part of a complex multi-step biochemical interaction; there are several other nutrients that need to be present.  An isolated, man-made chemical in the place of a natural process can only cause more harm than good.


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