Back to Basics with Clay Pot Cooking


During the pandemic, a lot of things are beyond our control and many people are staying home and following a basic lifestyle – eat, sleep and care for self and the family. And there are certain benefits of going back to the basics when it comes to cooking. What are they? Read on to find out.

Food is a basic human need after water. There are so many sophisticated ways to cook and enjoy it – use shiny cookware and cook on expensive stoves and ovens, adopting different styles and recipes, then serve with garnishing in shiny dishes on a fancy dining table. And then there are the basics – focusing more on health and nutrition – choosing fresh and nutritious ingredients and cooking them in the healthiest way and enjoying a delicious meal with your family.

The modern living has its pros and cons but when it comes to cooking, the ancient ways can beat the modern methods any day. Perhaps because today’s cooking methods and the cookware used have a commercial aspect that was not there in the past. The only thing that mattered was cooking healthy food to nourish us and maintain good health. We have seen a sharp rise in health problems ever since we started drifting away from the basics. And therefore, we need to go back a few steps.

Clay pot cooking, an ancient art – meets the need for back to basics – the need for good wholesome food for nutrition, good health, and strong immunity. Miriams Earthen Cookware (MEC) – a pioneering US based company understood the need to bring back this healthy way of cooking. MEC started is making pots and pans by hand from 100% primary clay. They are not using chemicals, additives, and glazes, because these can leach toxins and contaminate food. And this is exactly where all these reactive materials used for making cookware – metals, their alloys and chemical-laden ceramics go wrong.

MEC’s versatile pure clay cooking pots make it possible to cook 100% non-toxic, healthy, and nutritious food for you and your family. You can cook a wide variety of recipes in these pots. You can also use them on any heat source – gas, electric or glass cooktops, and ovens. Food cooks nutritiously at low heat and in less time with unique far-infrared heat from pure clay. This gentle heat cooks food evenly and thoroughly while keeping the delicate nutrients intact. This preserves the natural flavors and aroma of food and makes it more satisfying to the palate. Eating a variety of such food regularly, improves immunity and keeps infections at bay.

Imagine families gathering on a weekend for clay pot cooking and enjoying the same delicious and nourishing food that our ancestors did. The first step to making this a reality is to buy a pot for your next family weekend feast! Visit MEC’s online store and select your pot today! They ship worldwide!


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