Healthy ingredients cooked in a healthy pot = best meal for the family!


You take so much time and effort to choose ingredients that are wholesome, fresh, and nutritious. These ingredients do not come cheap… you pay extra to make sure they are organically grown. You pat yourself on the back for the good job you have done in working hard to be able to feed your family well. Then you come home, get your cooking pots ready… And here’s what happens: 

Cooking healthy ingredients in a conventional pot: what are the stakes? 

Conventional pots made from metals, their alloys, and chemical laden ceramics can not only depreciate the nutritional value of those healthy ingredients, but they can also potentially contaminate it. This is how: 

Conventional cookware is reactive because they are made of metals, their oxides, and chemicals. All these elements are naturally reactive. When the nutritional biochemicals in food: hydrogen, oxygen, halogens, acids and bases are breaking down the metal and chemical ions react with these elements and form chemical bonds. These compounds have no health value in the body. On the contrary, these toxins, over time, accumulate in blood, cells and organs and cause detrimental changes. This becomes the foundation for many serious illnesses later in life. 

Besides, the harsh heat from conventional materials destroys most nutrients in food and leave it deficient. Eating such food regularly creates many deficiencies in the body which, in turn, causes vital systems to be less efficient or worse, fail completely. 

To conclude, cooking food in conventional materials contaminates it and leaves it nutritionally lacking. Such food, instead of nourishing the body, becomes the foundation for various health problems. 

Choosing healthy pot for healthy cooking: go for pure clay! 

Clearly, the best choice would be the one that does not leach and preserves nutrients. The only known material that can make such a pot is all-natural pure clay. Unglazed primary clay or pure clay has been used for making cooking pots for thousands of years ago. Unfortunately, this practice was lost in the mist of modernization during the last century or so. And we have been paying the price ever since. So many health problems have become usual that were not there earlier. 

Get Your 100% Non-toxic Pure-clay pot from MEC 

Miriams Earthen Cookware (MEC) – a US based pioneering company makes pots and pans from 100% primary, tested American pure clay. Each piece is individually handcrafted without using any chemical additives or glazes. Their ergonomically designed versatile pots can be used on all heat sources (gas, electric, glass cooktops) and can cook a variety of dishes like soups & stews, rice & grainsdutch oven recipes, baking, sauteing, steaming and much more… 

Interested in cooking the best meal for your family that is healthy and nutritious? Head over to MEC Store and order a pure clay pot today!  


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