Best MEC Maintenance Tips: How to Clean Your Clay Pot, Make Your Pot Last, and More!

Cleaning Clay Pot Lid for Seasoning

You just recently got yourself one or more of MEC’s 100% non-toxic clay pots, the safest pots and pans for cooking. But how do you take care of it? How do you make it last? Thankfully, if you follow these useful tips for cleaning and maintaining your MEC unglazed clay pots, these pots can last you a lifetime. Here is a quick guide for taking care of your healthy cookware:

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Clay Pot Cooking: This Ancient Art & Science is Making a Big Comeback in Modern Kitchens!

Clay Pot Cooking

Clay pot cooking is an art and science in and of itself! Clay pot cooking might not be the primary method of cooking in our civilization anymore, but it used to be so until a few hundred years ago. When we moved to metal cookware, we lost touch with the numerous health benefits that comes from cooking with clay. Read more here.

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Clay Cookware & Its Safety: Why All-Natural Clay is the Healthiest Cooking Material

MEC Set of Two Pots made from 100% tested pure clay | Handmade in the USA.

Is it safe to cook in clay pots? This is the first question that comes to mind of any healthy cook who is considering clay pot cooking as an alternative to metal cookware. To avoid food contamination, it is good to look for an alternative, and what could be better than an all-natural material that is naturally non-toxic and inert? What makes a clay pot a safer choice than conventional cooking pots? This article acts as your guide to clay cooking safety and how to find the right clay pots for cooking.

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A Guide to Biryani Cooking (Including Tips For Cooking It In A Clay Pot)

Your guide to everything biryani, including origins, cooking options, recipes, cooking tips for clay pot cooking, and more!

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