Best Pots and Pans: Why Miriam’s Earthen Cookware (MEC) is the winner?


MEC pots are made from pure clay — the only 100% tested and scientifically proven material for making cookware sets. While conventional cookware is made of metals like Cast Iron, Aluminum and Stainless Steel and is coated with many different chemicals and oxides, Miriam’s Earthen Cookware pure-clay sets are distinctly different — they are not just healthier but also cook by preserving and not destroying the nutritional value of food.  

Conventional Cookware: 

Conventional cookware is made of metals or ceramic clay.  Most manufacturers use glazes, enamels and other chemical finishes in an attempt to make the cookware easier to use and attractive to the eye. All these materials however contain dangerous elements that quickly leach into food while cooking. This happens because these elements react to the biochemicals in food, like hydrogen, oxygen, halogen, acids and bases. At cooking temperature, these metals leach ions in the food and make it toxic. Ingesting contaminated food results in health problems like allergies, illnesses, diabetes, Alzheimer or even Cancer. The only way to protect your family is to use cookware made of a pure material that has absolutely no chemicals or metal.  

The MEC difference: 

Made with the best raw material – 100% primary pure-clay, and tested to certify purity, their pots and pans are the healthiest you can find in the market today.  Great care is taken to make sure they don’t come in contact with any chemicals/toxins during the making, finishing processes.  They are also unglazed! 

Primary clay is a pure and renewable form of earth that unlike regular mud or earth, has natural elasticity.  Because of this elasticity it holds to itself only elements that are original to its natural composition. Because of the strong bond it forms with its natural elements it does not bind with elements that do not have the elasticity (toxins), unless if added by humans for various reasons.

Miriam’s Earthen Cookware pioneers in using only 100% tested pure-clay and making cookware with this material without adding anything to it.  Trained and skilled potters throw the pots on potter’s wheel to form these pots. Mary Ellen a renowned writer in Massachusetts shares her experience when visiting Miriam’s Earthen Cookware

Besides the raw material and the exclusive making processes, these pots are considered to be the best for the following reasons: 

They naturally condense steam locking in water soluble nutrients. 

Miriam’s earthen cookware pots are designed to naturally condense steam and send it right back into the food.  This reduces the need to add water, unless you want to, and lets food cook with its only liquids and juices.  All other cookware come with steam vents to let steam rush out, losing essential water-soluble nutrients that are needed for the dad-to-day functioning of the body. 

Cooks with food-friendly far-infrared heat that doesn’t damage the nutritive cells. 

Interestingly, the type of heat actually determines the end result—the nutritional value of the cooked food! Unlike the damaging heat from metal and ceramic pots, pure-clay pots being ‘earth’ itself radiate the same life supporting heat and gently cook your food without destroying the nutrients, in just the same time.   Only food cooked in a pure-clay pot has all the nutrients intact! 

Keeps food warm naturally for upto-5-7 hours – 3x longer than conventional cookware. 

Reducing the need for heating and re-heating!  Pure-clay is a great retainer of heat.  Other cookware materials heat and cool at the same time so cooked food gets cold with 1-2 hours. 

Can be used on the stovetop (gas and electric) and oven, outdoor grills, solar ovens, woodstoves etc. 

Easy to clean and are naturally non-stick 

The special clay finish on MEC pots and the ergonomic design makes them easy to handle and clean.  MEC’s Pure-clay ability to breath (microscopically porous) makes them repel food sticking to it. 

Can cook without added fat/oils 

All foods have natural oils and since this is retained inside the pot, little to no additional oil is needed. 

Now that you are familiar with the benefits of pure-clay, feel free to have a look at MEC’s exclusive pure-clay cookware sets and find the ones that suit your kitchen.