The Risks of Choosing the Wrong Cookware


While buying cookware for your kitchen, you may choose what is most popular on the market. The stores are full of metal cookware: aluminum, cast iron, and stainless steel etc… The clay cookware contains chemically laden ceramics further glazed with chemicals for finishing. But just because they’re selling doesn’t mean they are safe. In fact, cooking in these pots and pans poses huge health risks.

Why You Shouldn’t Choose The Wrong Cookware

Cooking is a biochemical process and heat is a catalyst. It makes the metal react with food and leach its ions into the food. These metals are of no use in the body. On the contrary, their accumulation in organs and blood can cause diseases like Alzheimer. As they do not bring significant change in the taste and smell of food, they cannot be easily detected.

Non-stick cookware is quite popular these days.  It is coated with Teflon that prevents food from sticking. Recent studies have proved that Teflon, when heated, leaches in toxins. These bring detrimental changes in the body and the pituitary gland.

So why is it that we albeit knowing the dangers of metals and newer material like ceramics don’t use safer materials? It’s because we live in a society that thrives on illness and finding a cure rather than preventing it.

Clay Cookware Is The Answer

Now that you know the harmful effects of the commonly available cookware, it is important to choose alternatives that are truly healthy and safe. A natural material called pure-clay (unglazed primary clay) is ideal for this purpose. It doesn’t react with food. Clay cookware has been used since the beginning of time in almost all thriving civilizations, except perhaps some nomadic ones.

Unglazed Clay Cookware made from 100% non-toxic and healthy certified pure clay -- Miriams Earthen Cookware

Unlike conventional cookware, it gets better with age and is durable. It is easy to use and clean and has guaranteed health benefits.

Miriam’s Earthen Cookware is an All-american company that works with a strong desire to make healthy cookware for their consumers. We are America’s 1st pure clay cookware makers.  All our pots and pans are individually handmade and hand finished without the use of any chemicals, additives or toxins.

Our mission is to provide to the consumer, a 100% healthy & green alternative to cooking that has no metals, toxins or other chemical contaminants. Using our core ingredient – 100% nutrient-rich clay, we make cooking pots & pans that are modern in design, versatile in use and with the best quality and finish for great tasting, extremely nutritious food.

Please take a few minutes to browse through the pages of our site to learn more about this fascinating and timeless method of cooking that’s very good for you and the planet!

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