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“Choosing the best pressure cooker becomes very difficult when the most popular ones are unhealthy.”

What is a Pressure Cooker?

A pressure cooker is a cookware that uses steam pressure to force food to cook quickly. Dishes like soaked dry beans, lentils, meats, and vegetables that may take some time to cook in regular cookware, take less time in a pressure cooker. It is a complex piece of cookware consisting of valves, gaskets, and rubber sealing rings. It is something that comes in handy in the kitchen especially when you’re hard pressed on time.

This is how a pressure cooker cooks your food:

It lets the excessive steam pressure build up inside the pot and forces food to cook with this pressure and thereby reducing cooking time. All the steam is then released through a vent in the lid before the pot can be opened. This is pretty much the whole process of cooking in a pressure cooker. No doubt, it’s a useful piece of cookware but sadly, it comes with certain consequences.

Why a Traditional One Can’t Be The Best Pressure Cooker?

The pressure cooker pot is made of metal. At cooking temperature, these metals react with food (a biochemical entity that consists of water, nutrients, vitamins & minerals, proteins and carbs that are in the form of halogens, acids, and bases.) and leach in. These toxins are then assimilated with food and accumulate in organs and tissues. Keep eating such food over time and it will compromise your immune system forming the basis for many illnesses.

Another big problem is the heat that radiates from the metal walls of pot and the excessive steam pressure damage the delicate nutrients in food. The water-soluble nutrients evaporate as steam from the vent. As a result, we get nutritionally depleted food that is smashed, mushy and tastes quite bland. So while it may be an easy way, clearly, using a pressure cooker is not the healthiest way of cooking.

The alternative to Pressure Cooking

The Best Pressure Cooker - Miriams Earthen Cookware

Pure clay pressure pots are the healthiest alternative. Besides being made from a healthy material, the way they work is also healthy. Pure clay is a naturally non-reactive material that doesn’t leach anything while cooking. Thanks to the makers, who do not use any chemicals, glazes or enamels to manufacture them – pure clay pots are 100% healthy and safe for pressure cooking.

The strategic design of these pressure pots cooks food in a healthier way. The steam locker lid lets steam build up inside and keeps it there. The steam that builds up slowly with the unique far-infrared heat that radiates from these pots coax food (instead of forcing) to cook without causing nutritional damage.

Also, the steam doesn’t need to be “emptied out” before opening the lid like with conventional metal pressure cooker, so the water-soluble nutrients stay inside.

The food cooked is just delicious and doesn’t require additional seasoning to taste better. This is another big reason pure clay pressure pots are a healthy alternative to a conventional pressure cooker. Intrigued? Go find the best pressure cooker pot for your kitchen and experience the benefits of healthy cooking with your family.

You can cook your favorite pressure cooker recipes a lot healthier with MEC pure clay pots.

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