Clay pot cooking in the best modern-day clay pots – Where tradition meets technology


Clay pot cooking had been the preferred method of cooking food since recorded history. Food cooked in metal and other subsequent materials can never compare to the health value of 100% non-toxic and nutrient rich food cooked in natural clay. But that does not mean clay pot cooking has not evolved to stand the test of times. Keep reading to know how modern clay pots that Miriams Earthen Cookware (MEC) makes are technologically more advanced than their ancient counterparts.

In ancient times, the potters used to throw clay on a mechanically powered potter’s wheel and used their skillful hands to shape it into usable pots. But today, MEC uses the same pure raw material with powerful electric wheels and finer tools to make a masterpiece that: 

Lasts much longer 

MEC lasts longer than ancient pots or pots that are still made in the old way, and thus comes with a strong warranty. This is because clay is fired at a much higher temperature which makes these pots sturdy and resistant to wear and tear. When seasoned, used, and cared for according to instructions (like using a diffuser on electric stoves, not subjecting them to higher than recommended heat etc.), they can last for many years. 

Is made from clay that is tested and certified to be 100% primary clay: 

With industrialization and other environmentally detrimental practices, we have polluted the lands with dangerous chemicals and metals like lead, arsenic etc. Therefore, MEC uses clay that is tested and certified by a reputed state lab to be 100% primary clay – free from metal and chemical impurities. And harvests their clay from 15 to 20 feet under topsoil.

Comes with ergonomically designed lids 

Lids were not a part of cooking pots in ancient times but to reduce cooking time and preserve essential water-soluble nutrients, MEC makes ergonomically designed lids with the pots/pans! The lids they make using their unique design can manage steam inside the pot better than any other cooking pots today.

Water-soluble nutrients in food are in the form of steam. When cooking in MEC, the steam condenses on the inner side of lid that stays cooler than rest of the pot and keeps falling into food. And all the water-soluble nutrients stay locked in cooked food to nourish and energize your body.

Can be transported safely all over the world 

Being able to avail these healthy pots anywhere around the world is another gift of the modern times. MEC relies on the most dependable yet eco-friendly packaging made from corrugated, cardboard, egg trays and pulp to securely pack their 100% natural brand of cookware. The packages are shipped carbon neutral throughout the world using the most reliable shipping services.

Interested in cooking healthy and non-toxic in these modern yet pure and all-natural pots? Head over to MEC Store and order your cookware now.


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