Clay Vs Glazed


MEC’s Pure Clay CookwareMetal, Ceramic, Enameled, Glazed cookware.
1Is 100% Inert.  No metals, chemicals or toxins. No leaching.Many different metals, chemicals, inorganic oxides are used in the making.  Highly reactive & prone to leaching.
2Food cooks with a gentle form of heat that helps retains all its nutrients.Harsh form of heat destroys the nutritional cells in food.
3Steam is condensed right inside the pot, locking all the water soluble nutrients.A lot of steam rapidly leaves the pot, drying the food and requires adding more liquids.
4 Food tastes Great, because all its nutrients are intact!Food tastes bland, soggy & tasteless. And requires more salts & flavoring.
5Can cook using ½ the amount of salts and seasoning because the fine taste of the food is intact.A lot of the foods nutrients are dead, requires more seasoning to let food taste edible.
Can cook with little to no oil.  All foods have oil and since nutrients & steam are locked inside little no additional oil is needed for greasing.
These type of pots always need oil for greasing and to give a non-stick layer to prevent food from sticking.  The harsh form of heat does not retain food own oils.
7Multi-functional, can be used on the stovetop and in the oven..Can only be used either on the stovetop or oven.
8Multi-purpose, can be used as Dutch Oven, Rice cooker, Best yogurt maker, Slow cooker, Vegetable Steamer, braising & sautéing.Each pot is meant only for one type of cooking.
9They cook food using ½ the energy.  Natural clay is an excellent retainer of heat, so all foods cook on medium heat or less.Because metals and other man-made material like ceramics heat and cool at the same time, they need high to medium-high heat to cook your food.
10Easy to Use: Since so much of the heat is locked inside and all food cooks on medium heat or less. Food does not burn or stick.Food easily sticks to the bottom and is hard to clean.
11It’s the eco-friendliest cookware.  Pure-clay is harvested from the surface of the earth.  Are made with 0 negative impact on the environment, is carbon neutral or less. Is 100% bio degradable.Raw material is mined from deep within the earth.  Is processed using many chemicals and oxides causing a great deal of negative impact on the environment.  Can take thousands of years to bio-degrade.