Comparing metal rice cookers to Miriam’s Earthen Cookware (MEC) rice cooker!


Cooking rice in the best rice cooker is every healthy cook’s primary concern and why not, when we are cooking our favorite staple rich in simple and complex carbs? When looking for the best, we have the conventional metal rice cookers on one hand and All-Natural pure clay pot by MEC on the other. Let’s compare them on various factors and determine which one we should choose:

MEC vs Metal Rice Cookers: How they differ in design

Metal rice cookers are mainly electric or gas – both follow the principle of boiling water and rice in a sealed metal pot with a steam vent to release excessive steam. They are known for cooking rice and grains quickly and with built-in indicators to tell you when rice is done cooking. When the cooking is done, you release all the steam through the vent before you open it.

MEC’s pure clay pots consist of ergonomically designed pot and lid that can be used for cooking rice on any heat source. Like the pots, the process of cooking is also more natural as it allows the steam (which is essentially water-soluble nutrients in rice) to condense on the inner side of the lid that stays at a lower temperature, and keeps falling back into rice. When gasps of steam do leave the pot, it is a good indicator to turn the stove off. Rice is done or almost done and can finish cooking with heat locked inside.

MEC vs Metal Rice Cookers: How they differ in toxicity 

Metals are innately reactive and leach into whatever is cooking and contaminate it. But MEC is made from 100% non-toxic pure clay that is completely non-reactive. This means there is no leaching and cooked rice comes out completely uncontaminated.

MEC vs Metal Rice Cookers: How they differ in health value 

Rice is a powerhouse of simple and complex carbs. The body needs a balance of both to stay healthy and for the insulin management system to work properly. Metal pots radiate harsh heat that destroys the more delicate complex carbs. On the other hand, MEC cooks with gentle far infrared heat that keeps all nutrients intact. As a result, rice or grains cooked in MEC are extra rich in nutrients and thus, offer more health value.

MEC vs Metal Rice Cookers: How they differ in convenience and cooking duration 

Metal rice cookers cook fast but have a complex mechanism, design, and their cleaning and maintenance may be tricky for some. But MEC pots offer a more convenient and easier way to cook rice and grains – just put in rice/ grains and water (typically in the ratio of 1:2), cover the lid and let cook on medium for 20-30 minutes.

The pot initially takes some time for the heat to spread throughout the pot but after that, the rice cooks really fast. The overall cooking duration is the same but cooking in MEC is simpler. Also, it is a lot easier to clean (mildly scrub and wash with clean water) to maintain MEC pots.

Which one to choose and where to get it? 

From the factors discussed above, clearly MEC cooks non-toxic, more nutritious, and healthier rice and grains while offering more convenience and taking about the same time. A clear winner here, MEC is readily available to order online through their Store. They ship worldwide and offer great after sale service. Order a pot today to cook your rice and grains more healthfully!


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