Cooking Rice and Grains in Pure Clay Pots: Different and Healthier


Cooking rice and grains is a bit more complex than cooking other foods, if you don’t know the right way. While less heat may leave them uncooked or unevenly cooked, heating them too much may make them mushy and lose their natural taste. Similarly, while adding too much water may make them watery, using less water may cause them to be dry and not be soft and fluffy like you want them to. 

And once you get the amount of water and heat setting just right, here comes the most important aspect of cooking rice & grains: using the right cookware! 

Cooking Rice & Grains Perfectly: The Role of Cookware 

A cookware plays key role in deciding if the heat is distributed evenly and thoroughly so the rice cooks perfectly. Conventional cookware made from metals or ceramics fail to serve this purpose: 

First, the near infrared heat radiating from them is harsh and is never evenly distributed. It’s usually more at the bottom than at the top which leaves the grains unevenly cooked. Secondly, there is no efficient way to filter out excess water so that just the right amount of water may be left that makes the grains moist and fluffy – just the way you like it! 

Another serious problem with a conventional pot is that metals being innately reactive leach toxins and contaminate food while cooking. In fact, you can perform an alkaline baking soda test at home on your cookware to check what’s leaching.  

How MEC’s Pure Clay rice cooker cooks your Grains Different and Healthier 

Pure clay is a naturally inert material so when you cook grains in a pure clay pot, it doesn’t leach. 

Unlike metal/ceramic, pure clay cookware radiates far-infrared heat that is food-friendly and penetrates deep into each grain to cook evenly and thoroughly. They are good heat retainers, so you can turn the stove off even before the water fully boils – the grains keep cooking with the heat retained in the MEC pot. 

MEC pots are semi-porous which lets excess water evaporate and leave just enough moisture in cooked grains to make them soft and fluffy. As a result, the grains turn out to be delicious and each grain separate from each other without adding any fats, oils or additives – the pot takes care of everything. Therefore, these pots are ideal for cooking rice and grains

Wondering where you can get the best rice cooker? Keep reading: 

Miriam’s Earthen Cookware (MEC) – a pioneering US based company makes pots and pans from pure clay from tested and certified raw material also sourced from the US. Once you cook your grains in MEC pot, you’d never want to go back to conventional again! Head over to MEC Store and order a pure clay rice cooker today! 


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