Cooking in a Clay Pot Multi-cooker


Are you shopping around for new cookware for different types of cooking? What if one multi-cooker could handle cooking a variety of your recipes? In this article, you will be learn about a clay pot multi-cooker that can cook all your favorite dishes: Miriams Earthen Cookware’s pure clay pot. Read on to discover the characteristics, benefits and versatility of these pots.

What is Miriams Earthen Cookware? And how are their clay pots multi-cookers?

Miriams Earthen Cookware (MEC) is a pioneering US based company that handmakes pots and pans from 100% non-toxic primary clay. And there are no chemical additives or glazes used in the manufacturing process. Each piece is ergonomically designed with unique features (explained below) making it one of the most versatile cookware.

You can make rice, pasta, beans, one pot meals, yogurt, broths, soups & stews, and more in a single MEC pot. And you may use it on gas, electric and glass cooktops, and also in the oven. What is more? – it makes your cooking healthier, more nutritious, and delicious. Let us find out how.

How does MEC’s multicooker cook better?

Unlike conventional materials like metals and ceramics, MEC’s raw material, pure primary clay is naturally non-toxic and inert. As food cooks in this clay, there is no leaching, and so your food stays uncontaminated. Also, the integrity of nutrients is retained because there are no toxins reacting and modifying them.

Speaking of saving nutrients, pure clay pots radiate food-friendly far infrared heat. This gentle heat preserves even the most delicate nutrients. This results in retention of natural color and aroma of your food. Cooking with harsh heat from conventional pots destroys these nutrients and your dishes taste bland (without seasoning). Whereas, far infrared heat cooks your recipes faster at a lower heat setting (learn more).

The ergonomically designed pot and lid let steam (water soluble nutrients) condense inside the lid (read how it happens). And as mentioned before, the cookware design also makes them versatile for different kinds of cooking over different heat sources.

With the ability to cook all your favorite foods in one pot in a healthy and more convenient way, why would anybody invest in toxic metal or ceramic pots? Make MEC pots your preferred clay pot multi-cooker and say goodbye to food lacking in taste and health value. Visit MEC’s online store to buy a pot today!


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