Cooking pots made from the same “earth” that nourishes and grows your food make the best cookware


Whenever we are looking for the best option for something, an all-natural alternative always wins, and cooking pots are no different. The best cooking pots would be made from the healthiest material and cook food while retaining all its health value. Unsurprisingly, the answer is pots made from the same earth that nourishes and grows your food. Yes, we are talking about pure clay cookware. Let us find out why they turn out to be the best:

100% Non-toxic Cookware 

The pots made from pure earth are 100% non-toxic and inert, which means they do not leach (like conventional materials such as metals) while cooking food. When cooking this biochemical entity called food in an inert pot, the natural composition of nutrients remains unaltered and food is uncontaminated.

Oxygenates your Food 

Pure clay pots when made the right way can oxygenate your food while cooking. The right way would be using absolutely no chemicals, glazes or enamels so the pure clay walls of the cookware stay semi-porous. These walls let enough oxygen pass through food while cooking.

Cooks with Heat that does not Damage the Nutritional Cells 

To keep food healthy after cooking, the delicate nutritional cells must stay intact, maximizing its nutritional value. Conventional cookware radiates harsh heat that burns these cells and most of nutrients are lost in the cooking process. When cooking with pure clay, the gentle far infrared heat radiating from the pot penetrates deep into food cooking it thoroughly and evenly, without harming the nutritional cells. When cooked this way, the food turns out to be nutrient rich and healthiest!

Can be used on All Heat Sources 

Yes, you heard that right! An ergonomically designed pure clay pot (like MEC) can be used on gas, electric, grills, outdoor fires, solar ovens and so much more. This means you do not need to buy a whole bunch of cookware whenever you think of getting a new stove. This saves a lot of money that you may instead utilize in trying different recipes and have new surprises ready for your family every other day!

Where can you find these… 

Miriams Earthen Cookware (MEC) – a pioneering US based company makes pots and pans from pure clay and sells to customers around the world through their online store. Their ergonomically designed pure clay cookware is not just healthy but also makes cooking a lot more convenient with their many healthy features.

Interested in cooking the healthiest food in the earth that grows and nourishes it? Head over to MEC Store and order a pure clay pot today!


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