Customers say: MEC’s Pure clay pots and pans are the “healthiest”, read why:


Miriam’s Earthen Cookware – a pioneering company based in the USA has been making the healthiest pots and pans using the best raw material: 100% primary & pure clay, for more than a decade now. Thousands of customers have since switched to this 100% non-toxic healthy cookware and they believe MEC’s clay pots and pans are the healthiest!

In this article, the experience of four customers is discussed along with the features that make these unique experiences possible. 

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“I have been detoxing my kitchen switching to non-toxic cookware, bakeware, glassware, etc… Originally, I switched to mostly cast iron based upon my initial research and recommendations from other people. But I was still skeptical about the cast iron since I was using it multiple times of day…. I was worried about the amount of inorganic iron leaching into our food. Then by chance, on my research marathon again, I stumbled upon Miriam’s Earthen Cookware….the best thing I ever did. I only have one pot so far, but use it for almost everything and love it! I love that it is completely non-toxic and the food tastes amazing! This is the best non-toxic cookware and I sleep better at night knowing that no chemicals are leaching into our food. I love that I am cooking healthy for my family. You must try this cookware….it will change your life!”


Wow! What makes EA feel so strongly about MEC: Well, because they are the only cookware in the market that are made from a raw material that is free from metals and chemical contaminants – naturally. Metals and chemicals leach into food while cooking and are detrimental in the body. No wonder, people are suffering from so many health problems. When you switch to MEC’s healthiest pots and pans, your body starts detoxing and the immune system improves. Even the health problems like diabetes can be healed by choosing the right cookware.

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I Love These Pots – They’re Truly Amazing 


“I am amazed at how much heat these pots hold! The food stays hot for hours. They can also preserve food for longer periods of time without refrigeration. I love these pots – they’re truly amazing. 

– T. Dyfan – Boston, MA 

Thanks to unique far infrared heat from pure clay, MEC pots and pans not only cook food evenly and thoroughly taking a lot less time at low heat, they are great heat retainers too! You won’t need to re-heat food again and again like in conventional pots. 

Customer Reviews on MEC 

You guys rock in my kitchen… 


“The purchase of my first MEC set was indeed a life changing experience for me and my family: a change towards a healthy, green way of living. I remembered my grandparents cooking in traditional classic earthenware—ooohthe aroma and taste..All these memories and more came back with MEC. Thank you MEC! You guys rock in my kitchen ? 

– Carmen Dsouza 

Besides being 100% non-toxic and healthy, MEC cookware are truly green as well. While metal cookware pollute the environment in one way or another at all stages from extraction of minerals to cooking food in them, MEC pots are fully biodegradable and do not cause any ill effect on the environment during procurement of raw material, making of pots and pans, and using them in kitchen.  

Customer Reviews on MEC 

I Love My MEC Pots! 


“I love my MEC pots! Everything is so moist tender and delicious that I cook in it! Clean up is a breeze. I admit I was worried about clean up. But its a breeze to clean up. it also seems like the more you use the better it gets! I love that i don’t have to worry about chemicals and toxins cooking into my food! Thanks Miriam for putting your heart and soul into these great pots!” 

– Diane Bedlin 

Cleaning up MEC pots and pans is really a breeze because of their semi-porous walls that “breath” during the cooking process and do not let food stick to it. After few uses, these become fully non-stick (without any glazes) and can be cleaned using just the water and no soap (soaps have toxic chemicals). This means MEC pots and pans are not only convenient to cook in but are also easy to clean and this makes them the perfect cookware for any kitchen!


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